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  • Wrap Sheet

    As luxury items go, it’s almost disappointing. The undyed color is mouse brown. The texture resembles surgical gauze. It costs as much as a Rolex and yet has no label glitz and little high-concept value. In fact, it’s so reverse chic you’d notice it only as a shred of pale wool knotted casually under a […]

  • Dosa After Dosa

    Three blocks east of Flushing’s Main Street, Bowne Street seems a quiet thoroughfare of frame houses and trim apartment buildings. But a surprise is in store— a few blocks south of Franklin Avenue, the houses part to reveal the gray eminence of a Hindu temple with three ornate towers wrapped in sculpted figures dominated by […]

  • Sikh and You Shall Find

    It was taxi driver Jaswant Singh’s turn to ride in the white stretch limo. Thick gold trim hanging from his hot pink turban framed Jaswant’s face as the 20-year-old groom strolled into the Sikh temple in Richmond Hill, Queens, on Thanksgiving weekend for his arranged marriage to a bride he’d never met. Throughout New York, […]

  • Rich and Strange

    Two men smooth their hands over each other’s bodies. They slide into an embrace, interlocking as formally as the twin halves of a yin/yang symbol. What makes their actions startling on the stage of the BAM Majestic—a stamping ground, after all, of avant-garde theater—is that these are men of India, a country where the provinces […]

  • Blisters on Bleecker

    At a newsstand in Jackson Heights several years ago I bought a magazine called Femina, the Indian equivalent of Family Circle. It was a special food issue, featuring two or three illustrated recipes from each of 20 Indian cities, and leafing through the tantalizing pages I was disappointed to see how few of the dishes […]

  • India Ink

    It became the spin of the week: how could United States intelligence agencies have been unaware that India was getting ready to test a nuclear weapon? Nightline‘s John Donvan, on May 12, was one of the first to make the point: “Despite spending more than $26 billion a year on spy satellites, despite an Indian […]