Tag: IFC Center

  • The Uncompromising Frownland: Underground Cinema Lives On

    Like a signal flare rising above the streets of Lower Manhattan, Frownland announces that underground cinema is alive and well and taking up residence—at least for the next week—at the IFC Center. That’s where the writer-director of Frownland, a veteran NYC film projectionist named Ronald Bronstein, is self-distributing his debut feature, and it’s difficult to […]

  • Crowded House

    It’s Friday night, and the ticket-holder line stretches around the block. Latecomers can forget it; the 8 p.m. show is sold out. The lobby’s abuzz, as vintage-clad hipsters, film students, and cineastes just off their day jobs rush to buy organic popcorn, Jacques Torres chocolate bars, and David Lynch’s “Signature Cup” espresso before the show. […]

  • Barney in Brief

    Studly art-world charlatan Matthew Barney’s ritualistic, mythology-making esoterica has always played better as gallery installation than projected on a screen, as his seeming ignorance of (noncompliance with?) cinematic language only emphasizes how superficial and wildly self-indulgent his imagery tends to be. But with his hour-long featurette De Lama Lâmina, a hypnotically rhythmic collaboration with Brazilian-guitar […]

  • After 30 Years, Killer of Sheep Finally Gets a Proper Debut

    The film of the season, if not the year, is a Southern California slice-of-life from 1977 that hasn’t aged a day. Critics have long hailed Killer of Sheep, a stirring and sophisticated evocation of working-class Watts, as one of the great debuts in American cinema and a landmark of independent film. Shot for under $10,000 […]

  • ‘Short Attention Span Cinema: An Evening With Jeff Scher’

    They just don’t make cartoons like they used to—literally. Last month, Disney closed its only remaining hand-drawn-animation studio, nixing its longtime support of cel-painting “ink monkeys” in favor of computer jockeys. A side effect of CGI’s supremacy, though, is that traditional techniques can now be better appreciated in all their labor-intensive glory. Such virtuoso delights […]

  • Reel News

    Angry picket lines and a gigantic inflatable rat no longer greet moviegoers at the new IFC Center, but the projectionists union continues to pressure the theater’s owners from behind the scenes. At press time, management of the IFC Center—which is owned by Rainbow Media, a division of Cablevision—still refuses to meet with IATSE Local 306 […]