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    The average American buys 64 items of clothing a year, more than one item per week. But when boots and sweaters become as disposable and regularly circulated as the fashion magazines that tell us what to buy, it takes a real toll on the environment, the economy, and, ultimately, our sense of self-worth. Journalist and […]


    Once upon a time, before H&M and all the fancy boutiques took over, Soho was home to a little place called the Kitchen, the pioneering home for the avant-garde performing arts. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Kitchen (which is now in Chelsea), they’ve raided their archives for the exhibit The View from […]

  • Good-Enough Gifts For These Recessionary Times

    You might think I’m starting off this gift guide with Jack’s 99 Cent Store because the economy is sinking, the Dow is in the toilet, we’re all poor now, blah, blah, blah. But even in far palmier times, I’ve been known to dip into this dive. This is not only because I’m not a snob […]

  • H&M and Comme des Garçons Get Married

    Thursday, November 13, 7:05 a.m.: The long-anticipated, unprecedented marriage between the lowbrow H&M and the upscale avant-garde Comme des Garçons has finallybeen consummated! The clothes are in the stores! You can buy them! Even though I have been looking forward to this day for months, it turns out that seven is the absolute earliest I […]

  • What Can You Buy When You’re Broke?

    Pretty sure your summer-vacation budget won’t get you much further than the roof? Not worried about the price of gas because you doubt you’ll ever own a car? Cheer up, and welcome to Lynnie’s Recession-Proof Guide to a Fun-Filled Summer, the primer that answers the question: What can I buy when I’m broke but dying […]

  • Strange Bedfellows: A-List Designers Slum it for Kohl’s, Target, H&M, and Payless

    “Where’s the shopping mall?” I ask the nearest likely stranger, trapped as I am in a glass-towered office park on the other side of the Hudson—I’m in a whole different state! I have taken the PATH train (like the subway, but cheaper! Different!) to a stop called Pavonia/ Newport—is there even such a place?—to visit […]

  • Cheap Trick

    When Angelina Jolie took to the red carpet earlier this month for the premiere of A Mighty Heart dressed in a black velvet dress that was subsequently revealed to have cost a big fat $26, women all over America found themselves wondering: Could I also get away with wearing a super-cheap dress to the fancy […]

  • Speaking Volumes Without Saying a Word

    After scoring a few plum cosmetics contracts, we imagine the final frontier in model-land must be landing a deal with a famous mannequin company. Nothing backs up the claim “I’m prettier than all you witches”—or whatever models whisper behind each other’s backs—than having your face and body replicated, mass produced, and distributed to department stores […]

  • A Tale of Two Cities

    A very tall, exceedingly slender young woman with a platinum pompadour and an air of supreme self-confidence is gazing with interest at racks of white cotton bubble skirts, olive polka-dotted camisoles, and black jersey dresses that could pass for cut-rate Lanvins. Though she would be right at home in Dolce & Gabbana on Madison Avenue […]

  • Union Jacks

    When Hyde from That ’70s Show mans the wheels of steel, he goes not by DJ Hide or DJ Danny Masterson, his real-life name. He prefers DJ Donkey Pizzle. This life-enriching nugget we learned at the launch party for the new Ben Sherman store in Soho, an event which featured the DJ skills of the […]