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  • The Clipse’s Pusha T Endorses A.P.C. Jeans

    The grapeshot hipster burst that is “Swagger Like Us” adds another degree of swirl to its sucking nexus of random downtown signifiers. Clipse, whose mixtape slash EP-length promo for their new clothing line, Play Cloths, is out today–it’s called Road to the Casket Drops (find it here)–manage to shout out the French fashion house A.P.C. […]

  • So the Clipse Are Going At Wayne Now (Again)?

    Intriguing: “We should form a senate to govern critic opinion/I watched them niggas throw away the pennant/To he who claims to the heir/How dare Pusha naysay it?/Them niggas hear me and they mayday it/So I could care less if Jay say it/It’s too political when Jay say it/He play the game: Just instant replay it.” […]

  • Spank Rock Wild Style No Show Theory: “Charity Rate” Not Worth Getting Out of Bed?

    Sound of the City roots for the home team and so does Impose Magazine‘s Jeremy Krinsley Amazing Baby, “Pump Your Brakes” I saw this first as an advertisement on subway walls, and it is probably the last format in which I will see it, but Elvis Costello has a show, and he’s now announcing his […]

  • Proof That Literally Anyone Can Rap Over Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”

    Seriously, anybody. “I’m a new money millionaire/Shoes bigger than Barack’s next pair—Si Se Puede!” Modern Jackass, “OLAFUR ELIASSON (A MILLI REMIX)” [via Daily Intel]

  • Formal Petition to Have Every Musical Performance on Television for the Next Six Months End with Lil Wayne Playing a Guitar Solo

    Totally almost worth it, slogging through another miserable episode of the single most overrated pop-culture entity in American history, just to get to the last 30 seconds here, wherein Lil Wayne actually deigns to play the kelly-green guitar strapped to his back, a hilariously dainty fingertapping display that’s easily the funniest thing this goddamn show […]

  • Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown”: Weirder Than “A Milli”?

    Great art Anyone who saw the cathartic, audience-wide singalong during Kanye’s sad-robot “Put On” verse at August’s Young Jeezy show—for which the artist wasn’t even in the building—could’ve figured (the new, non-rapping) West was onto something. “Love Lockdown,” apparently, was it: bizarrely minimalist, confusingly personal, stridently therapeutic. It’s the single weirdest thing to get bumped […]

  • Kanye West Calls Bonnaroo Organizers “Fucking Idiots,” “Squid Brains”

    Week before last when Nick Anderman reported back from Bonnaroo about the early-morning “Kanye West Debacle” and a bunch of you from the ‘Roo firebombed the comments section with heart-attack rumors, backstage whisperings, and interpersonal flame-war follies, everybody knew this wouldn’t be the last of it. See, Mr. West has a blog and he likes […]

  • Carter III Discourse: Yeast Infections or Geese Erections?

    A friend once proposed awarding his year-end Top 10 #1 spot not to Gnarls Barkley but to the duo’s publicist, on the grounds that—well, self-explanatory. So while I’m not sure yet if I care all that much about a certain Carter III (with the 57-listens-and-counting exception of every word Fabolous raps on “Nothin On Me”), […]

  • iVoice: Kanye West “Flashing Lights” Video Chat

    **OnlineHost** Welcome to Video Shoot Chat!   woman: /gets out of car, walks a few paces, strips down to underwear, starts fire with lighter fluid and a Zippo /walks back, opens trunk   KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: mmmf   woman: Why did I just light a fire?   KanyeFeelTheLoveTonight: /rips off tape from mouth Um. Because if you […]

  • Kanye West’s Glow in the Dark Tour Tonight

    On the exceedingly goofy poster for Kanye West’s Glow in the Dark Tour, the artist poses, C-3PO style, against a black background framed in a Star Wars–evoking flourish and fonts. Only Kanye could possibly conceive of his latest tour in support of last year’s Graduation as a battle against interstellar evil, but there he is, […]