Tag: Hayden Schlossberg

  • Errol Morris Lets Torturers Off Easy

    It’s been 20 years since Errol Morris made The Thin Blue Line—a found “noir” that served to free an innocent man convicted of murder. Gathering evidence and dramatizing testimony, Morris’s movie circled around a single, unrepresentable event—the death of a cop on a lonely stretch of Texas highway. The Thin Blue Line brooded on fate, […]

  • Absurdistan: The New Iraq War Cinema

    Earnest, sad, and righteous, they are not. More inspired by M*A*S*H or Dr. Strangelove than The Deer Hunter or Coming Home, a new pack of political films that defy the clichés of the post-9/11 Iraq War cinema has arrived. Notwithstanding a few holdovers of moral outrage (Kimberly Peirce’s Stop-Loss, Nick Broomfield’s upcoming Battle for Haditha), […]