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  • The NYPD’s Secret Crusade Against Marijuana Furthers a Racist Agenda

    I have been intermittently reporting on the NYPD for half a century—sometimes admiringly, as when I spent several weeks with a homicide squad on the Lower East Side, learning how (in contrast to the CIA’s current methods) confessions that will hold up in court can be obtained by detectives without laying a hand on the […]

  • The NYPD ‘Weeds’ Out Blacks and Latinos

    In April 2001, when asked in an interview if he’d ever smoked pot, mayoral candidate Michael Bloomberg replied: “You bet I did. And I enjoyed it.” The billionaire mayor’s reign, however, has been anything but enjoyable for dope smokers, especially those who aren’t white. More people have already been locked up for misdemeanor marijuana possession […]

  • Ray Kelly for Mayor? A Voters’ Guide

    With Michael Bloomberg on the way out and Christine Quinn sinking in an ethical quicksand of her own making, Ray Kelly becomes the leading prospect to succeed the current mayor, who has encouraged him to do just that. But New Yorkers should decide if they want to return to the days of Rudy Giuliani, when […]