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    RadioTheatre, the innovative broadcast-inspired troupe, is now a decade old, and there’s no better occasion to celebrate its anniversary than its signature H.P. Lovecraft Festival. Short stories by the macabre master are brought to the stage during this fall theater standard — resurrected, adapted into eerily atmospheric productions, and performed in repertory. This year’s selections […]

  • Dead Meadows

    Their facebook page claims their music is for the children, but frontman Jason Simon clearly had proponents of wacky tobacky and Sci-Fi nerds in mind when he began sharing Dead Meadow’s unique brand of mystic rock. References to H.P. Lovecraft and psychedelic dream scenarios fill the cosmic egg that contains 2013’s Warble Womb, an album […]


    Stuart Gordon’s 1985 slash-and-laugh fest Re-Animator is certainly the strangest H.P. Lovecraft adaptation, but who says it’s not relatable, too? At its core is just another roommate horror story—he bickers with your girlfriend, you find your dead cat in his freezer, he drags you to the morgue to conduct weird experiments late at night. But […]

  • Pacific Rim: Building a Better Blockbuster

    If the great god of movies, whatever slippery Mount Olympus of money he resides on, decrees that summer is the time for larger-than-life 3D blockbusters, Guillermo del Toro may as well make one. His Pacific Rim is summer entertainment with a pulse. The effects are so overscaled and lavish as to be occasionally mindless. But […]

  • Re-Animator Fights Death and Lives… Almost

    Death is the end. Period. Or, well, unless you happen to have a glowing, neon-green chemical substance to inject into the neck of a freshly departed creature. Re-Animator, now playing at the New York Musical Theatre Festival and adapted from the 1985 film of the same name, uses a wild and often absurd story to […]

  • Things at the Doorstep Does Not Go Bump in the Night

    Director DeLisa M. White’s Things at the Doorstep, at Manhattan Theatre Source, describes itself as “an evening of horror.” I would not disagree. A pair of one-acts based on the writings of creep-out-master H.P. Lovecraft, Things at the Doorstep begins—innocently enough—with a passable version of The Hound (1922), adapted and gamely enacted by Greg Oliver […]

  • H.P. Lovecraft Goes Bump in the Night

    Why are we compelled to tell scary stories? And why do we love listening to them, nerves on edge, quivering with terrible anticipation? These questions are at the center of master storyteller Mike Daisey’s eerie new solo piece, Barring the Unforeseen. Like the bars suggested by his title, tales of horror give us a manageable […]

  • Negative Plane Will Not ‘Friend’ You

    I’m sitting in a dark tavern, getting directions to Harry Houdini’s grave. “At the entrance, you see Machpelah Cemetery. You walk in, there’s a building you pass, it’s on the left side. Right there, you can see Harry Houdini buried with a couple of his relatives. But that’s not his real name. If you’re a […]

  • Music

    Someone should ban Valentine’s Day. In that spirit, get your bitter, jaded, single, lonely self to Love Bites!, Cathy Cervenka’s annual public commiseration with the best tearjerker love songs ever—power ballads. Sing along, wave your lighter in the air, and feel the love as her assorted motley crew sings the Cr “Home Sweet Home,” Poison’s […]

  • Books

    Through a noir lens, just about everyone in Brooklyn’s a cop, cabbie, lunatic, or corpse. And those are the only people worth a damn in Brooklyn Noir 2: The Classics. This isn’t quite a literary CSI: Outer Borough, but it oozes with the same pulp. Crack it open, skip the intro, and you encounter a […]