Tag: Grupo Fantasma

  • GZA

    Wu-Tang Clan luminary GZA is enlisting the Latin-funk ensemble Grupo Fantasma to accompany him in a recitation of his touchstone Liquid Swords album, an album packed with samples of classic horns and slinky textures from classic soul 45s. Plus, we’re getting the added benefit at this show of GZA having done this once already, at […]

  • Grupo Fantasma+Zizek Collective

    You can forgive the guys in Grupo Fantasma for snickering at the cumbia craze; the Austin-based, 11-piece orchestra has been twisting traditional Latin America genres for the better part of a decade. The Zizek Collective are behind Buenos Aires’ wildest club and a much-exported record label, ZZK; they’ll burn through hip-hop, reggaeton, dancehall, and, yes, […]

  • …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead Sunday, July 26

    You can pretty much blame this Austin crew for the spate of band-names-as-sentences, though they still have one of the coolest ones around. Along with Spoon, they might be one of the least-likely group to spring out of the rootsy center of Texas and, also like Spoon, they’re also making better, more anthemic records. Plus, […]