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  • Robert Forster’s Long Goodbye

    The first go-round for Australia’s Go-Betweens lasted six albums and nearly a dozen years—call it the ’80s with a running start. And though band founders Robert Forster and Grant McLennan professed harder-edged influences like the Saints and the Velvet Underground, their resulting partnered sound emanated with a harmonious polish, like a more optimistic version of […]

  • Grant McLennan, 1958–2006

    Grant McLennan was in a grand mood May 6, with every reason to believe he had his best work ahead of him. Renowned and beloved though the Go-Betweens’ six ’80s albums are, 2005’s Oceans Apart, third fruit of their 2000 reunion, had outsold them all. It also won them their first Australian Grammy, and if […]

  • Life During Peacetime

    One Go-Betweens myth I’ve never bought is that it’s a grave global injustice they never had their chart moment (and at this stage never will). Andrew Mueller’s liner notes to the reissued Spring Hill Fair call them “bizarrely and scandalously underrated,” and most writing on the band concurs. This is partly frustrated journo foot-stamping, and […]

  • Music

    Send Me Three Lullabies Bowery Ballroom, November 25: When these old rock-and-roll friends are in town, you make time. Opening for Yo La Tengo and newly drummerless (the young man from Hamburg who gamely lurched through their thrilling CMJ set quit days earlier), the Go-Betweens—Robert Forster and Grant McLennan, with Adele Pickvance on functional bass […]

  • A Long Short Story

    Eleven years after they finally attained major-label status with their sixth and formerly final album, 16 Lovers Lane, the Go-Betweens’ The Friends of Rachel Worth arrives bearing Robert Vickers’s arty, economically self-sufficient Jetset brand. Yet in America, where their cult was always less substantial than in Europe or their home continent, Australia, chances are excellent […]

  • Just Between Friends

    At their second New York appearance together since the Go-Betweens’ breakup, Grant McLennan and Robert Forster played to a packed Merc June 8 with no backup, little patter, and the bemused geniality of former allies in a lost cause. In the postpunk ’80s, the Go-Betweens were like farmers battling cowboys over homesteads in Nebraska. They […]

  • The Go-Betweens

    This is us as a Seventies band,” Robert Forster writes in the liner notes for the Go-Betweens’ 78 ’til 79 The Lost Album, a collection of early studio and home recordings. What he means, to be exact, is an ingenuous, bare-bones ’70s pop band—a surprisingly flattering guise, as it turns out, for these often oblique […]