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  • Glen Pourciau’s Invite Shacks Up In Raymond Carver Land

    Nothing announces a piece of minimalist domestic realism quite like the expression “my wife and I.” The first story of Glen Pourciau’s Carveresque debut collection, Invite—winner of the Iowa Short Fiction Award—begins: “The trouble started when my wife and I were planning a trip. . . .” The second story begins: “My wife and I […]

  • Fall Preview: Poet John Ashbery Makes His Elliptical Way into Library of America

    For better or worse, John Ashbery looms over the downtown of contemporary American poetry like a gaudy skyscraper: Wherever you wander, it’s impossible to lose sight of him. Given Ashbery’s aversion to all things mainstream, his dogged experimentalism, and his notorious “difficulty” as a writer, this is perhaps a somewhat improbable state of affairs. Indeed, […]