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  • Madison Avenue, Moscow

    With the Russians at the Summit GENEVA — The Russians called their Mission in Geneva “Madison Avenue, Moscow” and won­dered aloud if an American Express card in Raisa Gorbachev’s hand would change the world. The 150 men and women who made up the delegation were the Westernized elite of Moscow’s cultural and scientific communities. They […]

  • Puro Instinct

    Puro Instinct are Los Angeles born-and-bred sisters Skylar and Piper Kaplan. Like their Mexican Summer labelmates Best Coast, Puro Instinct (previously known as Pearl Harbor) definitely ride chillwave, but they replace Best Coast’s radio-ready pop with a hazier, lazier approach to writing ho-hum melodies–one might accuse them of chilling a little too hard. Their debut […]

  • Say What?

    The war on terrorism, “in my judgment, renders obsolete Geneva’s strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners.” – Alberto Gonzales, White House counsel, in a memo to Bush, 1.25.02

  • Bush Aides Coo Like Doves

    There have been hints in recent days that the Bush administration may be distancing itself from hard-line Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon because of the coming U.S. presidential campaign. “For Sharon, having Bush as a friend is everything,” Yoel Marcus wrote in Ha’aretz, the dovish Israeli paper, last week. “But there is mounting annoyance in […]

  • Peace . . . and Quietly

    Four Palestinians, among them a 10-year-old boy, were killed by Israeli troops in Gaza on November 7. A few days earlier, a teenage Palestinian suicide bomber had blown himself up near Israeli forces in the West Bank, wounding a soldier. Earlier that morning, Israel had sealed the city of Nablus, barring the entrance and exit […]

  • The U.S. Often Flouts Geneva Treaties

    TV images of downcast, frightened American soldiers have brought furious denunciations of the Iraqi military by U.S. leaders for violating the Geneva Conventions. Unfortunately, the U.S. itself has often flouted international rules aimed at guaranteeing humanitarian treatment under the Geneva treaties and other agreements. Examples: • The U.S. has designated captives in the “war on […]

  • Captured by the Game

    You are what you do. The phrase can evoke either Stakhanovite zeal or Bartleby despair. Laurent Cantet’s Time Out, a smoldering fireball of anguish and fury beneath its grave, chill facade, recasts the axiom as an unbalanced equation: What if your livelihood has absolutely nothing to do with who you are? The film’s premise offers […]

  • Occupational Hazards

    Work—most people hate it, but can’t live without it. Laurent Cantet makes films about it. The 40-year-old French director explores the way livelihood shapes identity; his latest feature, Time Out, is a psychological drama about Vincent (Aurelien Recoing), a recently unemployed executive who constructs elaborate fantasies about a glamorous new job. “A religion of work […]

  • Compensation Counts

    Of the factors reportedly keeping the Bush administration from embracing an upcoming international summit on racism, the discussion of compensation for descendants of slaves has apparently bitten the dust. The administration’s eagerness under any circumstances to submit its domestic policies to worldwide scrutiny seems dubious. Still, the U.S. threat to skip the United Nations World […]

  • Family Ghosts

    Some choreographers call any work with a tinge of drama “dance theater”; others use the term to alert customers to the presence of the spoken word. Jane Comfort works occasionally, and intrepidly, with new or existing plays, mobilizing movement to crack them open. Her brilliant Faith Healing of 1993 developed a rich subtext for Tennessee […]