Tag: Freedy Johnston

  • Freedy Johnston’s My Favorite Waste of Time

    Let’s face it: Discs of cover tunes have had the stench of death about them lately, primarily a desperate cry from heritage acts starving for airplay. Poetic, story-oriented singer-songwriter Freedy Johnston, author of the certified classics Can You Fly and This Perfect World, sidesteps such muck. Firstly, he has another CD of original gems in […]

  • Noise From the Front

    Sources say a fine week for informed forays into musical territories both familiar and strange is ahead, with a roster of acts that calls for your immediate attention. Practice your latest tactical assault on the dance floor to music by local stars Mixel Pixel and Canada’s own naughty maiden Peaches. Proclaim your loyalty to the […]

  • Helping Alt-Adults Get a Way, With More Than Just Lucinda Lite

    So I have this friend who used to have a major crush on Lucinda Williams. But then he played Car Wheels on a Gravel Road four times straight on a long car ride with his wife during the worst point of a marital crisis (his fault). And thereafter Lucinda was totally guitar mama non grata […]

  • Recordings

    Belle and Sebastian Tigermilk Matador It’s been a long time coming, but U.S. fans of this Scottish cult favorite can finally get their hands on a CD version of the duo’s 1996 vinyl-only debut. A mixed bag, this disc showcases the pastoral popsters’ strengths, while revealing a few flaws (most of which are no longer […]