Tag: Freedom of Information Act

  • Spying on Big Brother

    American Civil Liberties Union documents show . . . the Pentagon . . . keeping tabs on nonviolent protestors . . . including Quakers and student groups . . . by collecting information and storing it in a military antiterrorism database. —ACLU, October 12, 2006 As Americans we must always remember that we all have […]

  • U.S. Military Proposes Illegal Bioweapons Research

    According to documents unearthed by a nonprofit government watchdog, the United States military has proposed the development of biological weapons that would violate international treaties and federal law. In fact, they may have already developed some of these illegal, treaty-busting bioweapons. Using the Freedom of Information Act, the Sunshine Project has recently pried loose some […]

  • Powers of Military Tribunals

    Permit extended detention and questioning of Middle Easterners recently entering United States. Slow down the process for granting visas to Muslims. Allow monitoring of communications between people in federal custody and their lawyers. Non-U.S. citizens charged with terrorism can be tried in the United States, overseas, or even on military ships. Suspects brought before a […]

  • Foiling FOIA

    The Department of Justice is considering a push to repeal elements of the Freedom of Information Act, the Voice has confirmed. The change is “aimed at drafting a limited statutory exemption for information,” said Steve Mitchell, the department lawyer who drafted the proposal, “allowing the private sector to voluntarily contribute threat and vulnerability information to […]