Tag: Fred Frith

  • Jennifer Baichwal Documents Lightning in Act of God

    Jennifer Baichwal follows up her superb 2007 documentary Manufactured Landscapes, about the willful harm done to nature by man, with another in which the damage is reversed and random. It’s hard to imagine a more biblically cinematic threat—or one more fraught with potential for banal philosophizing—than lightning. The visually attuned Baichwal fully exploits nature’s drama […]

  • Bang On A Can All Stars

    Not that it’s much of a surprise anymore, but Bang On A Can’s annual People’s Commissioning Fund performance will maintain their quarter-century-long open channel between contemporary composers and their slightly shaggier art-rock equivalents. But who needs surprises? BOAC’s venerable All-Stars will feature experimental guitarist Fred Frith and the New York premiere of “How Deep Are […]

  • Soy Unchained

    “We are the future of rock but due to endless bad luck we’re in ruins.” That’s the grim news from the Liquid Tapedeck’s Peter Etc. (or Math Jokes a/k/a Soy Bomb — I can’t tell which). It’s dismaying, because Fast Forward Flood and Tapedeck Rejects and Bad Demos both easily bear the weight of the […]