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  • Francois Ozon’s “Double Lover” Doubles Down on Eighties-Style Psychosexual Thriller

    Once upon a time, back when Talking Heads were still together and we had a president who was merely senile, we used to love movies like Double Lover. It was as fashionable as coke on a coffee table: the glossy, chic, decor-porny, pathological-sex thriller, complete with Hitchcock allusions, Freudian-cock-symbol knives and guns, and passionate forcing. […]

  • Young & Beautiful Explores the World of a Young French Prostitute

    Despite his superficial unpredictability from film to film, François Ozon’s work often examines sexual states of flux, especially among teens and young women. His latest, Young & Beautiful, explores the world of Isabelle (Marine Vacth), a 17-year-old who loses her virginity and starts turning tricks a few months later. The film is organized in four […]

  • Cannes: Young & Beautiful is a Portrait of a 17-Year-Old French Call Girl

    François Ozon’s Young & Beautiful, a portrait of a 17-year-old French call girl, is a story about a family in crisis: Isabelle (played by Marine Vacth, a stunning-looking if ultimately inert actress) is a student who still lives at home with her mother, stepfather, and kid brother; no one, least of all mom (Géraldine Pailhas), […]

  • François Ozon Does His Best Post-modern Hitchcock with In the House

    The supreme testament to Hitchcock is that no matter how many years pass, his work exerts an ever-stronger influence. Just last month came Park Chan-Wook’s reimagining of Shadow of a Doubt, Stoker, and last year Anthony Hopkins did Hitchcock as a Hitchcock character in Hitchcock—and let’s not forget the Psycho TV prequel Bates Motel. Or […]

  • Lincoln Center’s Rendez-vous with French Cinema

    If Rushmore‘s Max Fischer and the anonymous videographer from Michael Haneke’s Caché somehow spawned a love child, he’d look something like Claude Garcia (newcomer Ernst Umhauer), the apt pupil at the center of François Ozon’s delicious bourgeois horror story, In the House, one of the major highlights from this year’s edition of Rendez-vous with French […]

  • Catherine Deneuve, Liberated, in 1977-set Potiche

    The opening title card of François Ozon’s 1977-set Potiche seems to take design inspiration from the exploitation films of that period—a sneaky-smart way of nodding to one of this pastel-colored political farce’s key topics, if not its stylistic mode. As Suzanne, Catherine Deneuve plays the title role, which translates as “trophy wife”; she is married […]

  • Francois Ozon Returns to His Familiar Well in Hideaway

    There are actually two hideaways in François Ozon’s meditative Hideaway—the gorgeous, sparsely furnished apartment used as a drug den by wealthy young couple Mousse (Isabelle Carre) and Louis (Melvil Poupaud, star of Ozon’s Time to Leave), and the isolated beach house to which the pregnant Mousse retreats after Louis dies of an overdose. An exploration […]

  • Magical Realism and Maternalism in François Ozon’s Ricky

    The titular infant on the poster for Ricky bears a striking resemblance to the cherub on the cover of Van Halen’s 1984 (minus the cig). And, like VH’s mascot, François Ozon’s flying baby is no angel. Ricky’s wings aren’t white but mottled brown and gray, the color of his council-flat surroundings, just east of Paris, […]

  • ‘New French Films’ at BAM Not Unmissable

    This year, BAM’s annual pentad from France features a filmmaker with shingles, Swedish rock, a stubborn zipper, Catherine Deneuve buying a cabinet, and a flying baby. Two titles have U.S. distribution (IFC Films bought Park Benches and François Ozon’s Ricky, the winged-infant movie, which opens next month); none can be considered unmissable. The group of […]

  • Jacques Nolot Approaches His End in Before I Forget

    The man awakes from a restless sleep and makes himself a pot of coffee. The kitchen light falls down on his wavy hair, more salt than pepper, and his once-youthful body, now a strange topography of sags and folds. He shuffles into the living room, sits down at his desk, and attempts to write. That […]