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  • 2003 Pazz & Jop: Reasons to Bother

    How laughable, cracked wiseacres in re the 30th or 31st Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll, for hopefuls in this nation’s other flawed, fragmented democratic exercise to claim hip-hop — Howard Dean enlisting Wyclef Jean, Dennis Kucinich employing a campaign rap called “Go Go Dennis” (sounds great, huh?), and, drop the bomb, Wesley Clark quoting “Hey […]

  • Ivy

    Prior to the release of All Hours, this local trio hadn’t put out an album since 2005, a delay likely attributable to the busy schedule of bassist Adam Schlesinger, who in addition to his work with Fountains of Wayne also spent the interval recording and touring with the power-pop supergroup Tinted Windows. That said, Ivy […]

  • Tinted Windows

    Not quite the über-group that Dylan and McCartney are planning, but still pretty high-powered, this quartet’s got membership from Cheap Trick, Smashing Pumpkins, and Hanson (remember them?). But since this is power pop, the important component is a Fountains of Wayne member (Adam Schlesinger) who also happens to be a songwriter, especially since good power […]

  • Moving (to the Suburbs) in Stereo

    Ah, MILF. The most loathsome catchphrase in our cultural lexicon. Meme I’d Like to Fuck. I regret, in my capacity as critic and ostensible tastemaker, that I have not done more to discredit and dismantle the MILF phenomenon; worse yet, a rock band I greatly admire, the Fountains of Wayne, have done much to propagate […]

  • Baby One More Time

    Almost any two-disc set can be improved by paring it down to one. This goes double for an outtakes-and-oddments collection, and triple for Fountains of Wayne’s Out-of-State Plates, 30 tracks in 82 minutes that encompass two annoying nonmusical radio spots, an inaudible 15-second joke cut, and a live remake of their 1996 debut’s “She’s Got […]

  • Disappointed White Men

    “Yesterday’s man died in the man of today; today’s man dies in the man of tomorrow.” So said Plutarch, a little optimistically, it would seem. In “Bright Future in Sales,” a chugging number from Fountains of Wayne’s much anticipated new Welcome Interstate Managers, we meet the song’s first-person protagonist as he’s propping himself up on […]