Tag: Felix Hernandez

  • Teengirl Fantasy+Kelela+Laurel Halo+Fatherhood

    Meandering through the unisex level of Spa Castle, terry-cloth-robed Teengirl Fantasy performs 2012’s Tracer in the glow of projected iTunes visualizations. Making art of noise, they play “EFX” backed by vocalist Kelela channeling “Un-Thinkable”. I’m ready to descend to the Women’s-only level, disrobe, and gingerly step into a stinging hot tub. Laurel Halo’s divisively natural […]

  • Laurel Halo+Telepathe+Xeno & Oaklander

    Laurel Halo, a/k/a King Felix, never loses sight of her music’s potential to challenge and surprise. Her futuristic art-pop is a destabilizing exploration, its shifting expert electronics alternately lush and harsh, her own voice sometimes humanly vulnerable, sometimes processed to an alien degree. Quarantine, her 2012 full-length, fits right in on the ever-more-interesting former avant-dubstep […]