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    It’s been a little while since Art Alexakis had anything interesting to say, which is probably why Everclear’s new album, In a Different Light, finds him giving the old-guy unplugged treatment to early gems such as “Everything to Everyone” and “I Will Buy You a New Life.” Whatever works, right? With Paper Tongues and Tracy […]

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    Vic Firecracker mounted the stage at Acme Underground last week looking more ready to grab a beer and a nap than to kick out some rock. Despite their haggard look, they delivered their well-crafted, radio-friendly version of post-punk that bursts at the seams with contagious melodies—their roots aren’t so much shaved-head punk as suburban classic-rock […]

  • Runs in the Family

    HERE WE GO AGAIN! Into the same ol’ same ol’? Do I repeat the past or jettison it? (Learning from it doesn’t seem to be an option.) We sit on the mattress in the corner, eating Chinese takeout, my new girlfriend and I. I tell her, “Don’t worry about what you’ve heard. I’m not like […]

  • Art for Art’s Sake

    Thanks to the runaway growth of the celebrity industry, the late 20th century will probably be remembered more for oily compliments than for witty put-downs. Perhaps that’s why one of the highlights of last year’s NXNW conference in Portland, Oregon, came during a set by the band Junior High, when former Crackerbash singer Sean Croghan, […]