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    As the centerpiece of the 25th annual Bang on a Can Marathon, the looping resonances of Alvin Lucier’s 1969 minimalist masterpiece “I Am Sitting in a Room” should draw attention to the unorthodox nature of the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden as performance space. As it is, you’ll have 12 hours in which to contemplate […]

  • ‘A House in Bali’

    Canadian composer Colin McPhee’s 1947 memoir of the eight years he spent studying music and dance in a Balinese village is the source material for this new opera by Evan Ziporyn, who’s spent three decades immersed in Indonesian culture himself. Gamelan Salukat and the Bang on a Can All-Stars provide the music for this extremely […]


    Mecca for new-music mavens since 1987, the Bang on a Can Marathon returns with two dozen performances guaranteed to benignly recalibrate your sonic continuum at a price anyone can afford: free. This year’s reliably eclectic edition begins with buzz-worthy big-band composer John Hollenbeck’s Perseverance and concludes 12 virtually uninterrupted hours later with Shelter, a collaborative […]

  • ‘Terry Riley’s In C’

    The Kronos Quartet has assembled an A-list roster for the 45th anniversary of composer Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece consisting of 53 repeated parts for “any number of any kind of instruments.” In addition to Kronos, this unique and massive conglomerate will include composer Morton Subotnick, singer Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan, trumpeter Dave Douglas, composer-keyboardist Philip […]


    Just as the Erlking chased Schubert, classical music haunts rock ‘n’ roll. Sometimes, it’s amazing “November Rain,” Steve Vai, side B of Abbey Road but all too often, it’s just Metallica huffing in front of some cellos. “The Wordless Music” series is proudly the former, an ongoing experiment that pairs rock/electronica artists with symphonic instrumentalists […]