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  • Enron Collapses; Collected Stories and Fences Stand Firm

    Bernard Shaw once joked that, if he wrote an opera called The Wealth of Nations, and named the hero “Adam Smith,” some innocent would immediately praise the overture for being full of Political Economy. That joke tells you a lot about those who admire Lucy Prebble’s Enron (Broadhurst Theatre). Corporate disaster is inherently dramatic: We […]

  • Green Day Was Influenced By Ethel Merman!

    Jeffrey Fashion Cares, the Jeffrey Kalinsky–hosted benefit for LGBT causes held on the Intrepid last week, packed even more gays onto one boat than an Atlantis cruise to St. Barts. And this wasn’t like most military vessels; the gays were allowed to be out of the closet! Another difference is that the Intrepid doesn’t move, […]

  • Scandal Lite

    The first—and maybe the best—joke in Claude Chabrol’s Comedy of Power comes before the credits: “Any resemblance to persons living or dead is, as they say, coincidental.” OK, so it’s not the knee-slapper it was in Primary Colors. But that wise-guy “as they say” is one of the few cracks in the master’s deadpan as […]

  • A Question of Presidential Power

    WASHINGTON, D.C.–As the Senate moves towards a vote on Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, there will be additional debate over his views on abortion and reproductive rights in general, the overreaching powers of the federal government, and, perhaps, most significantly, his concept of unitary presidential power. Put into practice, that theory will bolster President Bush’s […]

  • Job Scene in 2006

    Name the industry, and invariably the top spot is here, in the city. Publishing, finance, real estate, design, healthcare, fashion, and academia all have corporate headquarters and hubs in the city. That means that career opportunities are plenty. And in New York City, it also means there are thousands who are competing for the same […]

  • Coal Miners’ Slaughter

    Washington, D.C.—With funerals beginning for the 12 miners killed on the job last week in West Virginia—a 13th worker survived the underground explosion but sustained serious injury—attention now turns to the facility’s management. Wilbur Ross, 66, the owner of the Sago Mine, is a junkyard entrepreneur of Rust Belt manufacturing properties. Ross bought the Sago […]

  • Sick Transit

    The fight over transit union pensions in New York is likely to end up as yet another step in the slow death of the American pension system. Killing off the pension is the linchpin to assuring additional profitability—paid for by the worker. Of course, the Enron debacle was supposed to end all that. Every politician […]

  • Film

    Less corporate noir than capitalist disaster film, amply stocked with references to Titanic, Alex Gibney’s soberly entertaining documentary—adapted from the book by Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind—provides a full account of the deregulatin’ Texas con men who, reporting imaginary profits while concealing real losses, rode the bull market into America’s largest bankruptcy (since surpassed by […]

  • Self-Made Scoop

    In late August 2002 Salon reported a major scoop: An e-mail linked then Army secretary Thomas White, a former executive at Enron, to an effort to cover the massive losses at the energy giant. White’s supposed message instructed a subordinate: “Close a bigger deal. Hide the loss before the 1Q [first-quarter report].” By early October, […]

  • A Little Number Eric Idle Wrote While Out Duck Hunting With a Judge

    Leave it to ex-Rutle Eric Idle, the most musical of the Monty Python crew, to drop his pants and wave his dick at the Dubya camp. Idle offers “The FCC Song” on the official Python site as a free download, knowing that any tune spouting “fuck” 14 times without a “clean” version won’t make college […]