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  • Empire Diner Rises Again in Chelsea — with a Chopped Judge in Charge

    For its first 30 years, the Empire Diner was an archetypal greasy spoon scrambling eggs and flapping jacks with the best of them. But the gleaming chrome Fodero dining car didn’t find footing outside the then-gritty community until its renovation in 1976, when it was given a menu overhaul and an external facelift, outfitted with […]


    Christmas is a time for traditions, and the New York Botanical Garden’s annual holiday train show is one of the best that the city has. For the occasion, the institution (which not only hosts its fair share of day dates but also grants PhDs in coordination with a handful of nearby universities) turns the final […]

  • The Empire State Building’s Halloween

    Marc Brickman, who is known for spectacularly illuminating concerts from Pink Floyd to Bon Jovi, puts on a spooky light show with music at the Empire State Building. Can’t make it? You can watch it here. Thu., Oct. 31, 8:30 p.m., 2013

  • La Vie en Szechuan’s $7.95 Lunch Special

    La Vie en Szechuan’s exemplary ma po tofu Midtown now boasts the city’s largest concentrations of Sichuan restaurants. Most of these are timid compared to the ones in Flushing, offering little in the way of Sichuan peppercorns or offal, but an agreeable – and often spicy – experience nonetheless. Not so La Vie en Szechuan, […]

  • New Jersey Shooting Leaves Three Dead — But It’s Not At The Empire State Building, So Go About Your Day

    For the second Friday in a row, there’s been a mass-shooting in the New York area — but it isn’t at the Empire State Building, so it’s apparently only kinda news. Authorities in New Jersey say three people — including the gunman — are dead following an early-morning shooting spree at a grocery store in […]

  • ESB Shooter Jeffrey Johnson Used To Take His Cats On Walks — Which Explains Everything

    By all accounts, the guy who murdered his former co-worker in front of the Empire State Building last week was a bit of a weirdo — he’s been described as “lonely,” “creepy,” and neighbors say they constantly heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner coming from his apartment. However, the most telling sign of 58-year-old […]

  • NYPD: Putting The “Mass” Back In Mass Shooting. Are Cops To Blame For ESB Shootings?

    Authorities have tallied the victims from Friday’s “mass shooting” at the Empire State Building, and as it stands, it wouldn’t have been a “mass” shooting at all if NYPD officers hadn’t squeezed off 16 rounds at deceased murderer Jeffrey Johnson — nine of the 10 victims were shot by police. That’s right, what initially was […]

  • Eviction Was “the Final Straw” For ESB Shooter

    Since Friday, New Yorkers have been caught up in the hysteria that happened outside of the Empire State Building – an encounter that left shooter Jeffrey Johnson and his boss dead while nine others lay wounded by bullets dispersed from two NYPD officers (the bureau confirmed this yesterday). As with any shooting, especially one of […]

  • NYPD Commish Ray Kelly Confirms That, Yes, the Cops Accidentally Shot 9 People Yesterday

    Yesterday, sources told the Voice that eight victims at the Empire State Building shooting were hit by bullets fired by the police officers at the scene. There, we were told that two officers fired off 16 rounds at Jeffrey Johnson, the white-collar employee who sought revenge against his ex-boss, and somehow, these shots deflected off nearby […]

  • Empire State Building Shooting: Photo From The Scene

    The above photo was posted on Instagram by user “RyansTryin.” It appears to show at least one person dead at the scene of this morning’s shooting outside of the Empire State Building. Details of the shooting are unclear. For now, the tally of those shot stands at 10, the gunman reportedly was killed by police, […]