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  • Class Actress

    For the intrepid music lover, the ideal New Year’s doesn’t involve $900 bottle service and a Black Eyed Peas remix. Instead, ring in 2011 with this well-stocked night of Brooklyn electro breakouts. Class Actress are the Blondie to Peephole’s Prince-CA’s babely Elizabeth Harper boasts an airy ephmerality in synth-studded tracks such as “All of the […]

  • Fraternizing With Brooklyn Rockers at the Manhattan Inn

    Here’s what happens when a trendy new joint pops up in a traditionally non-trendy neighborhood: People gotta hate. But still, the opening of Greenpoint’s somewhat confusingly named Manhattan Inn late last year has caused a particularly histrionic level of pro/con noise. In the first few months of its existence, the spot had been described to […]

  • Elizabeth Harper

    Elizabeth Harper says she chucked the piano for her second album with the Matinee, instead centering its songs around electric guitar. Oh, and other electric things: While there was the shuffle of dusty heels on her first record, the sound of a singer-songwriter navigating her way through the jangle, nowadays Harper’s high notes drift over […]