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  • Here Comes the Mad Scramble to Replace Eric Schneiderman

    New York State’s attorney general is no more. Last night, Eric Schneiderman swiftly announced his resignation after the New Yorker reported on a long, deeply disturbing history of physical and psychological abuse he allegedly carried out against former partners. Schneiderman was accused of beating multiple women; he was also portrayed as a self-destructive alcoholic and […]

  • In Concession Speech, Spitzer Suggests He Won’t Seek Public Office Again

    By 11pm, Eliot Spitzer was ready to throw in the towel. At the time, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer had 51.7% of the vote, with 82% of precincts reporting. Spritzer took the podium, and addressed the cameras and the crowd. “I called Scott Stringer, congratulated him on his victory tonight, and wish him well as […]

  • VIDEO: Eliot Spitzer Stumps on Hot 97, The Station He Once Fined $240,000

    De Blasio already had an edge over his rivals in the polls when he appeared on Hot 97 on August 29. After the station endorsed him, he surged even further into first place–he was leading his nearest rival by 23 points going into Tuesday’s election. Hoping for a Hot 97 bump of his own, Eliot […]

  • Eliot Spitzer Chimes In On Pregnancy Of Hooker Who Ended His Career

    The hooker who brought down shamed former Governor Eliot Spitzer is preggers and gettin’ hitched. So how does her most infamous client feel about his former gal-pal’s pending nuptials? Jealous? Elated? Glad he’s not the father? Well, Spitzer’s not talking about it — only he is talking about it…without actually talking about. “Client No. 9” […]

  • This Is The Guy Who’s Marrying The Hooker Who Ended Eliot Spitzer’s Career In Politics

    Meet Thomas “T.J.” Earle — asphalt magnate, former married guy, and the soon-to-be Mr. Ashley Dupre. Earle, the New York Post “exclusively” reports, is now engaged to former Elliot Spitzer hooker Ashley Dupre, a.k.a. “Kristen,” a.k.a. “client number 9’s” favorite escort. Additionally, Dupre — who made the jump from high-priced hooker to Post columnist by […]


    After watching The Artist sweep the Oscars, it’s evident that there’s nothing that the French can’t do. Occupy Rousseau, a program consisting of speakers such as ex-governor of New York Eliot Spitzer, ex-governor of New Jersey Tom Kean, and numerous figures from the academic world, will attempt to shed antiquated light on modern questions that […]

  • Investigating Eliot Spitzer’s Own Worst Enemies in Client 9

    The usually silver-tongued Eliot Spitzer, political hero of last month’s Inside Job and now ubiquitous media personality, stammers and hesitates when asked to explain the psychosexual motivations behind his spectacular flameout in Alex Gibney’s gripping Client 9—or, if you prefer, Inside Blow Job. Spitzer, whose tireless efforts to redeem himself led to his cooperation in […]

  • Ousted NY Governor Eliot Spitzer Finally Earns Hipster Cred

    Is posing with Terry Richardson the new Make A Guest Appearance on Sesame Street Yo Gabba Gabba?     In a word: Yes. Via omniscient downtown photog Terry Richardson’s blog, pictured is omniscient downtown photog Terry Richardson, seen here with the last governor to totally fuck things up for himself. Punk. Previously: The Cast of […]

  • Post’s “Ask Ashley” Will Take On Job Issues: Excerpts Leaked

    As you probably know, the New York Post has brought aboard Spitzer scandal centerpiece Ashley Dupre as an advice columnist. So far she has limited her counsel to relationship matters (“Are there telltale signs a man isn’t happy in his marriage?”), but we have learned that in future columns she will extend her purview to […]

  • Drama at New York’s Only Wholesale Farmers’ Market

    Smelling faintly of fish and diesel, the parking lot at the Fulton Fish Market is the kind of place where people make jokes about dumping bodies. It also happens to be the makeshift home of New York’s only wholesale farmers’ market—or what remains of it. One blustery April morning, five trucks were parked in a […]

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