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  • Need for Speed Goes Nowhere Fast

    Think adapting War and Peace is hard? Try adapting the race car video game Need for Speed. Tolstoy’s 1,225-page behemoth has nothing on the Electronic Arts franchise’s irreconcilably complicated 20-year, 20-installment history: Sometimes cars are subject to physics; sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes they’re invulnerable; sometimes they break. Maybe you’re in London; maybe the fictional Olympic […]

  • In Dead Space, No One Can Hear You Sob Like A Pansy

    Some people want to get scared on Halloween. Others only want to get “scared.” It’s easy to tell which kind of person you are. Did you pay full price to see Saw V, only to peek through your fingers and giggle your way through the movie? Are you prepared to stand in line for four […]

  • Alas, Spore Isn’t the Leap You’ve Been Led to Believe

    After years of development and nearly as many years of hype, Spore has arrived—an event made so big by the association of Will Wright (SimCity, The Sims) and EA’s impressive marketing efforts, even the non-gaming press was reporting it, happily parroting bits and pieces of press releases that—for any other game—would sound like drunken boasts. […]

  • Space Invaders Extreme Is Way Better Than The Newest First-Person Shooter

    This, dear readers, is my review of Battlefield: Bad Company, a video game published by Electronic Arts for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Battlefield: Bad Company is a first-person shooter—which means that in this game, you shoot, and the shooting is performed from a first-person perspective. Okay, let’s see: Tools … Word […]

  • Auto Erotica

    Long have we waited to be taken down to the Paradise City, where the girls are green and the grass is pretty. Now, thanks to Burnout Paradise, we know what all the fuss is about. Burnout, the crash-happy racing series from EA, puts the pedal down once again—this time boldly veering away from the style […]

  • Trick Play

    The concept behind All-Pro Football 2K8 is simply wonderful. Imagine a fantasy football league where you draft from a pool not of this season’s top players, but of the greatest NFL players of all time: Joe Montana, John Elway, Dick Butkus, Jerry Rice, Marcus Allen, Mike Ditka, and more than 200 other legends are on […]

  • Golfing With Cops, Fairies, and Punks

    Early in his classic Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, the legendary golfer uses capital letters as if to scream at you like a football coach. The grail in golf, he says, is “A CORRECT, POWERFUL, REPEATING SWING. This can be stated categorically: it is utterly impossible for any golfer to play good golf without a swing […]

  • Legos in Outer Space? Again?

    As a nerdy college kid, I always enjoyed Crisis On Infinite Earths, the Marv Wolfman-penned comic book series that had DC superheroes team with Marvel superheroes. It was one of those rare crossovers that actually worked. What else other pop culture classics would would work? How about Lost meets The X Files or All In […]

  • Warning: Highly Addictive Game Too Cute to Stop!

    Remember that over the top fat suit Gwyneth Paltrow wore in Shallow Hal? The excess of rubberized adipose made her appear onscreen as a mountain of a woman who, if she fell, looked like she could bounce high as a Superball. The thing about the suit was that, sure, it was gross, but it was […]

  • Cubicle Salvation: Casual Game Sites

    One of the things I hate about my occasional treks to midtown are these cult-like smikers who accost me and ask, “Do you like comedy?” in an effort to corral me into some sleaz-o club with $15 drinks. My friend suggested that I reply, “What’s it to you?” and walk the hell away. Which I […]