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  • Antonio Lopez Dazzles at El Museo del Barrio

    A fashion illustrator by trade, Antonio Lopez (1943–87) was an artist in spirit. Born in Puerto Rico, raised in Spanish Harlem, he was a prodigy who left the Fashion Institute of Technology before graduation, eventually taking his place among the industry’s most elite. In his time, he worked with nearly everyone who was anyone: Lagerfeld, […]


    In Latin American countries, Three Kings Day, or Día de los Reyes, bears many resemblances to Christmas, even though it shows up a bit late to the holiday party — in January. There’s caroling — mostly the Bethlehem-based stuff — and children who leave their shoes outside the bedroom the night before awake to find […]


    At “Throwback,” the second installment of the Uptown Bounce: Summer Nights series, the northernmost part of Museum Mile celebrates the city’s northernmost borough. At the Museo Del Barrio, artist Perla de Leon, who photographed the Bronx in the 1980s, talks about her experience capturing the district during a time when buses would drive tourists there […]


    Ever been museum-hopping? It’s like bar-hopping, but classier. Tonight is the perfect time to peruse. Since 1978, the Museum Mile Festival has been casting open the doors to some of the city’s most revered cultural destinations, luring in many a flâneur with free admission, live music, and carnival atmosphere. Think of it as artsy trick-or-treating […]


    Millions of immigrants came through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954, but who was the first? A couple of years ago, after researching records from the Netherlands, scholars at the Dominican Studies Institute at CUNY City College identified the first immigrant to New York City. His name was Juan Rodriguez, a sailor turned merchant who […]


    It’s been turbulent times at El Museo del Barrio, where they recently cut back on hours and staff and are facing charges of gender discrimination brought by former director Margarita Aguilar. But with their major biennial opening today, all that is put aside to make room for what matters most: the work. La Bienal 2013, […]


    What if the Kim Kardashians of the world oversaturated our virtual intake, social media, Facebook, what-have-you, 24-7? It would definitely be a chaotic mindfuck and perhaps something like Post Plastica—the part sci-fi tale, part art show, full-on campy universe created by playwright, actor, and performance artist Carmelita Tropicana (a/k/a Alina Troyano). Tropicana, an Obie award […]


    The late author and poet Piri Thomas had a remarkable life. Born during the Depression in Spanish Harlem, he endured a childhood filled with poverty, racism, and street crime, which ultimately led to time in prison. Through it all, the only refuge he had was spending countless hours at the library: “Reading helped me to […]