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  • Deconstructing Gotham

    “Subjects are situated in a space in which they must either recognize themselves or lose themselves, a space they must both enjoy and modify.” So mused Henri Lefebvre in The Production of Space (1974), which examined the interdependence between individual and environment. Later he analyzed the vibrant complexity of modern cities, and while he was […]

  • Culinary School Confidential

    The other day I got my first loan invoice. Suddenly, the adrenaline-fueled decision I made less than a year ago didn’t seem so great. Nine months of culinary school for $20,000—was it worth it? I’ll soon find out, as will my 14 classmates at the Institute of Culinary Education. We all signed on for different […]

  • Making Headlines

    News holes are shrinking, staffs are being slashed (coupled with what some say is the worst hiring slump in 50 years), and Fox News is the country’s top-rated cable news channel—all of which give even the most obstinate optimist reason to grieve for the ailing profession. Yet journalism school has never been more popular. For […]

  • Listings

    ART Georgia O’Keeffe, Edward Hopper, and Stuart Davis were fascinated with New York’s urban landscape and let Gotham scenes spill across their canvases—with good reason: The city gives way to light splinters and endless shadow play, a playground for sketchers and painters. Subjects for the New School‘s “Drawing and Painting New York on Site” (800-319-4321; […]

  • Are You a Koan Head?

    Much like the U.S. government, Microsoft tends to consider itself exempt from standard operating procedure, as its antitrust woes have indicated all too well. And Bill Gates’s baby certainly doesn’t follow the usual script in selecting staff, as illustrated in William Poundstone’s forthcoming book, How Would You Move Mount Fuji?: Microsoft’s Cult of the Puzzle […]

  • Orienting the East

    In 1944, the eminent Chinese anthropologist and sociologist Fei Xiaotang accepted an offer from the State Department to spend a year working in the United States. Fei’s stint began with all of the excitement and wonder promised by this still-rising star among nations, but as the months drew on he grew exhausted with the fidgety, […]

  • Satisfying a Zeta Jones

    In A Beautiful Mind, the first public manifestation of John Nash’s worsening mental state occurs during a lecture — Russell Crowe’s mathematician trails off midsentence, hallucinates demons filing into the hall, and before an uncomprehending audience, stumbles from the podium. Trumped-up movie moment? If anything, Ron Howard’s biopic underplays the significance of that episode, perhaps […]

  • Let There Be Light

    It’s strange to think that less than 200 years have passed since science became this culture’s “New Story,” replacing religion as the dominant source of truth. Almost half of Americans today profess fundamentalist Christianity, as The New York Times recently reported; yet even the most devout feel the need to couch their belief in a […]

  • Mob Rules

    Last September, when FBI agent John Connolly was sentenced to 10 years for racketeering, the story of how he allied the bureau with Boston’s notorious Winter Hill gang was reported as a dark if heartwarming buddy story of two kids from Southie. Connolly stuck by his gangster friend James “Whitey” Bulger through nearly two decades […]

  • Miracle Legion

    The Disorder of the World Toward the end of the 19th century, Daniel Paul Schreber, once a prominent member of the German judiciary but institutionalized in 1893, glimpsed the inner workings of creation. Very dreadfully nervous is the universe, as it was revealed to Schreber, with every living thing connected to its divine source by […]