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  • 2003 Pazz & Jop: Reasons to Bother

    How laughable, cracked wiseacres in re the 30th or 31st Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll, for hopefuls in this nation’s other flawed, fragmented democratic exercise to claim hip-hop — Howard Dean enlisting Wyclef Jean, Dennis Kucinich employing a campaign rap called “Go Go Dennis” (sounds great, huh?), and, drop the bomb, Wesley Clark quoting “Hey […]

  • Jason Isbell: ‘I Thought I Understood What Everybody In America Was Like. I Was Wrong’

    Jason Isbell is searching for an ice cream cone. It’s just a few hours before an April show in Roanoke, Virginia, but at the moment the singer-songwriter is wandering around downtown and trying his best to avoid being buttonholed by fans as he searches for his afternoon sugar fix. “If I can find some,” he […]

  • Jason Isbell

    After shaking off the dust that marred his alcohol-fueled days as a guitarist for Athens sweethearts the Drive-By Truckers, Jason Isbell has settled into a solo career that crystalized on his fourth record Southeastern. At times uncanny in its precision, and at others, relatable in its humor, Isbell’s music has become a mirror for man […]

  • New Year’s Eve: Live Music

    Terminal 5 You might want to make Terminal 5 your base of operations this New Year’s weekend. Though the Drive-By Truckers recently cancelled the remainder of their Northern European tour dates due to the collapse of lead singer Mike Cooley from exhaustion, you should still buy the tickets for their December 31 show and pray […]

  • The Broken Promises of Bruce Springsteen

    ‘Rock-and-roll means well, but it can’t help telling young boys lies.” That’s a Drive-By Truckers line, but it wouldn’t be out of place on Darkness on the Edge of Town, Bruce Springsteen’s furious, embittered follow-up to 1975’s Born to Run. Turns out those hemi-powered drones and dusty beach roads lead to runaway American lawsuits with […]

  • The Drive-By Truckers Are Not Making This Up

    For longer than most bands have been nursing calluses on their fingers, the Drive-By Truckers have spun strange yarns about the modern South, sharpening their detailed and empathetic storytelling to bring local depth, specificity, and complexity to figures you may only know from headlines and history books, including Ronnie Van Zant, Sam Phillips, Iraq vets, […]

  • Joseph Arthur+Jason Isbell

    I’ve never been crazy about Arthur’s slightly over-the-top take on introspective singer-songwriter music, though his “Honey and the Moon” did make for an awfully nice contribution to the first The O.C. soundtrack. Show up early for an opening set by Isbell, whose departure from the Drive-By Truckers in 2007 did very little to dent his […]

  • The Whigs

    Maybe it’s their goofy name, or their goofy record cover, or the fact that by now, everyone expects that a band from Athens, Georgia, to be Elephant 6, R.E.M. or Drive-By Truckers. Whatever reason, not enough people realize that the Whigs put out one of the strongest rock albums of last year. Deep lyrics? Not […]

  • Cautious Revelry at the Hold Steady/Drive-By Truckers Blowout

    Craig on the left in ’07. It’s probably plugged in. CREDIT. Hold Steady/Drive-By Truckers Terminal 5 Thursday, November 6 My new theory is Craig Finn doesn’t actually know how to play guitar. He looks halfway credible holding one, and occasionally deigns to strum it with some semblance of rhythm, but this is, like, five percent […]

  • SHE

    This leg of the Drive-By Truckers’ nigh never-ending tour sports the moniker “Rock and Roll Means Well,” sourced from one of lead guitarist Cooley’s finest songs, “Marry Me.” In their long years of playing together, ‘The Stroker Ace’ and DBT front man Patterson Hood have certainly pondered and unflinchingly explored all the right and wrong […]