Tag: Donny Hathaway

  • José James

    This Brooklyn singer with the seductive and buttery baritone takes soul, funk, and jazz to a whole ‘nother level on his new No Beginning No End. To call James “nuanced” is to call water “wet.” Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye meet in songs that fan flames both upstairs (“Sword + Gun”) and down below (“It’s […]

  • Ben Allison

    The charismatic bassist and composer purveys the type of jazz that might appeal to metal heads or someone with a hankering for Malian traditional music. This sometimes lands him in the world music genre, but Allison is beyond category, a synthesis of far-reaching tastes anchored by an unshakable groove. Action-Refraction was one of the best […]

  • Ben Allison Band

    The jazz bassist is a cagey composer, but he yields to other writers for the bulk of the new Action-Refraction. Tonight offers an improv session that underscores melody while connecting the dots between such gems as PJ Harvey’s “Missed” (who knew it was a spy theme?) and the Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun” (who knew […]

  • Trey Songz

    In his first video, for 2005’s “Gotta Make It,” this walking AbFlex commercial didn’t take his shirt off once. In fact, the beginning of the clip sees the R&B heart throb putting his shirt on. With a fine falsetto and the nimbleness of an MC, the Virginia crooner was set up as an Artist—Donny Hathaway […]

  • A Deeper Shade of Shoegaze

    Afro-geek rockers Apollo Heights are recognized on the Lower East Side for their “soulgazing” wall of guitars and lo-fi grit; on their debut disc, White Music for Black People, frontman Daniel Chavis seems to be as influenced by the falsetto flow of Donny Hathaway as he is by Cocteau Twins aural angel Liz Fraser. Even […]

  • NY Mirror

    Antony , the ethereal voice of Antony and the Johnsons, sings like a Wim Wenders angel and—when necessary—can swear like a sailor. He was the prime mover of the celebrated Blacklips Performance Cult, who made the Pyramid a place of rare beauty and wonder in the early ’90s with their sexed-up, punked-out shows based on […]

  • Workin’ It

    Q: Like so many other cubicle dwellers, I like rocking a little music on my PC while I work. But I’ve grown so weary of listening to the same CDs day in, day out. Is it OK to install file-sharing software at the office, or would I be bucking for a pink slip? It’s certainly […]