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  • The Night Alive Tempts You to Call It a Kitchen Sink Drama

    Conor McPherson’s The Night Alive, imported from the Donmar Warehouse to the Atlantic, tempts you to call it a kitchen sink drama. But the grubby Dublin flat (lovingly detailed by Soutra Gilmour) in which it takes place doesn’t feature anything so luxurious as a kitchen. There is, however, a suitably grimy sink. The forceful Ciarán […]


    Could the world’s greatest super-computer outsmart the world’s greatest chess player? That was the question when IBM’s Deep Blue chess machine (which could analyze 200 million positions per second) took on the world’s youngest chess champ, Garry Kasparov, in 1997. British playwright Matt Charman’s The Machine, staged by Donmar Warehouse artistic director Josie Rourke, brings […]

  • Donmar Warehouse’s King Lear Storms Into BAM (No Matter Who Wrote the Damn Thing)

    Is there a play more devastating than King Lear? So absolute and unsparing is its tragedy, it can make Endgame appear blithe, the Oresteia positively jaunty. While most Shakespeare downers end with a restoration of order, Lear concludes with a promise that if life and rule continue at all, they will unfurl more briefly and […]

  • Dude Mechanicals

    Silky-tongued British actors, uniformed in white long johns, juggle roles in a Shakespeare comedy on a spare set. You could be forgiven for wondering if you’ve seen this before at BAM. The Harvey stage has welcomed several similar London imports in recent seasons: the Donmar Warehouse’s plain, candlelit Twelfth Night and the Globe’s pajama-party Cymbeline. […]

  • Stock Manipulations

    A critic’s an audience member, but is that all he or she is? That was the only question rattling through my mind as I watched the company that the Donmar Warehouse had assembled for Sam Mendes’s farewell productions troop through its paces. Because if critics are more than simply audience members, if they’re the voice […]