Tag: Don Henley

  • 1985 Pazz & Jop: Virtue Rewarded

    Nineteen eighty-five sure was busy-busy-busy for Chuck and Elvis’s love child. You’d think it’d have its hands full just perverting the nation and feeding the world, but those were epiphenomena. Now more than ever, “rock music” is first and foremost an engine of the culture industry, whence all the rest of its inescapable visibility flows. […]

  • The Ataris

    Pop punk nerds can rest easy now that the Ataris have reunited with their original line-up. In honor of the 10-year anniversary of their most successful album,So Long, Astoria, the midwestern band got back together last year to tour once more and play the album in its entirety across North America. With that, there’s a […]

  • Eagles

    Summer is over and New York City is a continent away from the sun and shine of California, but maybe the Eagles’ shows at MSG will bring you some warmer thoughts. Bringing the band’s group and the member’s solo hits together in concert, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey, and Timothy B. Schmit celebrate the […]

  • Billy Joel. Shea Stadium. Let’s Do This.

    “Oh, he doesn’t look that bad.” This is my thought as Billy Joel’s weathered, goateed mug first alights on multiple enormous Shea Stadium video screens; I was prepared for Batman-villain depths of hideousness for some reason. (Perhaps that long profile in a recent Saturday Times that boiled down to OLD OLD STOCKY OLD RICH OLD […]

  • Sandman Coming

    We’re a figment of their imagination, a beautiful dream, it is true.” Thus, at an office party in Heaven, Lucifer sheds unforgivable light on God’s punch bowl. Light that becomes Randy Newman’s Faust, 1995’s fractured fairy tale, now Rhino’d with a bodacious bonus disc of demos, incl. shoulda-rans, brought to you by a chorus line […]

  • Effective but Defective

    Tom Waits, who has just become the first major artist to release two new albums simultaneously since Bruce Springsteen back in mesozoic 1992, is a rock professional for the new century. After 30 years on the “margins,” he is perfectly positioned to thrive in a business environment now downsizing all rock and rollers of a […]

  • This ’70s Show

    Pals at the Institute for Advanced Study, working with a team of renegade SABRmetricians, have developed a model for calculating the top musical act of any given decade. Without going into the intricacies and trade secrets, the math stresses three basic factors: spanning the period; always being good; and ignoring basically modernist virtues like authenticity, […]

  • Three Sheets in the Wind

    Clearly Jerry Bruckheimer thinks it is, but is this the inevitable moment for a Flashdance redux, a shake-your-money-maker urban Cinderella fable that this time centers on a not-quite-notorious East Village dive where fully clothed barmaids pull stripper moves on the bar to Don Henley songs and spray the crowd with club soda? All I know […]