Tag: Death By Audio

  • JEFF The Brotherhood

    Behold Nashville’s local rock royalty in a true clash of the titans! JEFF the Brotherhood, arguably Music City’s most beloved brotherly grunge duo, and Diarrhea Planet, another local six-pack of guitar-wielding punks, have been playing together since Glenn Danzig’s house was the primo place for house shows, fueling one of the country’s most thrilling, restless […]

  • Amanda X

    An ascending wave of Riot Grrl-y fresh blood and vet action is currently ruling the indie milieu, led by coed outfits and gals alike as Speedy Ortiz, Hospitality, Frankie Cosmos, Ex Hex and A Sunny Day In Glasgow prove crucial underground favorites. With its grungy, yet sweet as pie, melodic cruncher Amnesia (via the legendary […]

  • Giant Peach

    You’ve gotta love how New York’s Giant Peach attack their guitars, as though they’re electrified whisks blurring the egg yolks of creation. It helps, of course, that co-vocalists/guitarists Mike Naideau and Fran Chang have hooks for days and neither over- nor under-sell them, and that drummer Davey Shotwell is so innately responsive to their impulses. […]

  • Protomartyr

    Detroit’s Protomartyr debuted in 2012 with No Passion All Technique, a title at once representative of the articulate post-punk band and not. Behind Joe Casey’s dead-eyed husk in the tradition of Mark E. Smith and Colin Newman, his bandmates’ pummeling drums and continually humming, often erupting feedback roil with the love and hate of living […]

  • Tweens

    Trash-pop trio Tweens only formed in 2012, but the Cincinnati punks have managed to make a name for themselves with fans and tour mates like The Breeders and the Black Lips. It probably didn’t hurt their speedy headway by having drummer Jerri Queen and bassist Peyton Copes of the already-established experimental punk act Vacation. Triumphant […]

  • Outer Spaces

    At some point during the last few years, Cara Beth Satalino adopted “The Outer Spaces” as the name for the winsome folk-pop singles and EPs she records with friends. Ironically enough, what Outer Spaces accomplish is almost startlingly intimate, a teasing interplay of snaking, searching vocals with guitars acoustic and otherwise. The vibe is sleepy, […]

  • ‘Don Giovanni Records Annual Showcase’

    Originally planned for 285 Kent, Don Giovanni’s winter showcase with Tenement, Night Birds, Vacation, Nuclear Santa Claust, and Groucho Marxists has moved to the much more intimate Death By Audio. The lineup highlights the label at its most pop-punk, Wisconsin’s Tenement and Ohio’s Vacation perhaps the strongest of the bunch. This is the stuff of […]

  • Blevin Blectrum

    Pagan electronic goddess and part-time veterinary nurse Blevin Blectrum, whose upcoming Emblem Album seems to convey coded messages from Middle Earth, headlines this evening devoted to wild women with technology at their disposal. Omnivore, a/k/a Glenna Kay Van Nostrand, plays musical games of telephone with, well, telephones. Chavez specializes in post-Stockhausen sound installations. And saxophonist […]

  • Netherlands+Wild Yaks

    Multi-instrumentalist weirdo Timo Ellis has been toiling around the NYC avant scene for the last two decades, contributing his wizardry to such luminaries as Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Cibo Matto, and Joan as Policewoman. Now, Ellis has turned his attention to his own bizarro art-punk vehicle, the Netherlands. On the just released Silicon Vapor, Ellis […]

  • Cellular Chaos

    Local no wave skronk-mongers Cellular Chaos are the real effin’ deal: Improvising extremist Weasel Walter slings the most criminally underrated shred ax on the Brooklyn DIY scene, 63 year-old jazz vet and drum-thwacking dinosaur Marc Edwards (dude has backed David S. Ware and Cecil Taylor) mans the destructive kit, and front-lady colossus Admiral Gray stands […]