Tag: Days of the New

  • Black and Blue and Red

    In the Birthday Massacre’s “Happy Birthday”—it’s the Song That Mentions the Band’s Name in the Lyrics—lead singer Chibi goes with her friend to a birthday party. In the CD booklet Chibi’s wearing a black schoolgirly uniform, but to the party she wears her “black-and-white dress.” Chibi and her friend brutally kill everyone at the party, […]

  • Meeks Inherits the Earth

    The annals of gospel-disco celebrate classically righteous cuts by the Mighty Clouds of Joy and the Clark Sisters; they applaud “D” Train’s “Keep On,” the O’Jays’ “Love Train,” the entire oeuvre of Sylvester. But query whether gospel-disco is ready to welcome Days of the New’s twangy-guitared “Enemy,” even though a torrid, sultry house beat underpins […]