Tag: Darius Jones

  • Zevious

    Myriad iterations of avant-jazz and metal-mongering sickness is represented this evening in a monster bill guaranteeing the motherlode of head-exploding notes. Brooklyn represents in the form of Period—drums sage Mike Pride and Charlie Looker’s (of experi-metallers, Psalm Zero) deconstructionist death-jazz unit—whose cataclysmic “2” added sound splatterer/screamer Chuck Bettis and sax skronkers, Darius Jones and Sam […]

  • Eric Revis Quartet

    The bassist’s last two Clean Feed records have been intriguing affairs reminding us that he’s one of those dudes you ought to follow whether you know where he’s going or not—something gripping invariably happens along the way. This new two-sax foursome with Darius Jones and Bill McHenry up front is enticing. Like the leader, they’re […]

  • Gerald Cleaver’s Black Host

    The drummer-composer’s marvelous quintet marks the release of their volcanic debut, Life In the Sugar Candle Mines, with a short run that should put them on the jazz community’s radar for a long while to come. Every member of this group—that’s Darius Jones (alto sax), Cooper-Moore (piano), Brandon Seabrook (guitar), and Pascal Niggenkemper (bass)—has a […]

  • Emilie Weibel

    Along with the glorious virtuoso jazz vocalist Fay Victor, Swiss miss Brooklynite Emilie Weibel is one of the shining lights leading Brooklyn’s contingent of heavenly voices. While Victor is a bluesy queen of jaw-dropping improvisation, Weibel is the subtle songbird with an equally mesmerizing presence and a DIY ethos. In her Omoo guise, Weibel—with an […]

  • Smashing Jazzheads on the Punk Rock with AUM Fidelity

    ‘My concept of a label came from SST Records in high school when I was getting into punk rock,” explains Steven Joerg, owner, operator, and sole employee of the Brooklyn-based “jazz-forward” label AUM Fidelity. “My introduction to them was when I got The Blasting Concept compilation with the [Raymond] Pettibon drawing on the cover. I […]

  • ‘Undead Jazzfest: Night of Round Robin Improvised Duets’

    Last time the Search & Restore team invited a squad of jazzers to pass the baton around, the mix ‘n’ match spectrum yielded the kind of provocative trade-offs that had been hoped for. The set-up: an improviser hits the stage, plays for a bit, and is joined by a colleague for a five-minute duet before […]

  • ‘Vision Festival Presents Evan Parker & Matthew Shipp’

    It’s exactly the kind of unexpected pairing you hope to find at a festival. British sax virtuoso Parker is a brilliant improviser who has a deep rep for solo flights, and he is even more engaging when exchanging ideas with a partner. His extended technique skills take him to places few can follow. Pianist Shipp […]

  • Mike Reed’s People, Places & Things

    The Chicago drummer does a great job of stumping for the Windy City canon. His two-reed band makes a point of updating Midwestern stylistic turns, be they Sun Ra’s skronk-swing or Johnny Griffin’s hurtling hard bop. Reed’s an engine behind the traps, but the last time I caught PP&T, it was the saxophone trade-offs of […]

  • Steve Swell’s Nation of We

    vThe trombonist’s quintets already sound huge (as evidenced in the new 5000 Poems), so what kind of wail will his large ensemble deliver? One with a plethora of leftie voices, fer sure. From Ned Rothenberg to Darius Jones to Guiseppe Logan, the characters in Swell’s strident symphony are an intergenerational squad that should stress momentum […]