Tag: Danielle Panabaker

  • Girls Against Boys

    Girls Against Boys is intensely laconic, with so little dialogue it could almost all fit the 140-character Twitter max. This reticence is due, perhaps, to the film’s own confused relationship with itself. Is it a high-camp female revenge fantasy, in the vein of the far superior Teeth? Is it a psychosexual thriller preoccupied with homo-social […]

  • Piranha 3DD

    Piranha 3DD takes pains to retain many of the elements of its 2010 predecessor: topless women, copious piranha’s-eye-view shots of endangered camel toes, a lopped-off penis set piece, and, for human-interest purposes, a star-crossed nerd-hottie crush. All of this cannot conjure anew the anarchic esprit of Alexandre Aja’s Piranha 3D, whose slaughterhouse spring break was […]

  • ‘Mr. Brooks’

    Bloody disappointing, that’s what Mr. Brooks is. Kevin Costner plays a respectable Seattle businessman who kills for thrills, thanks to the goading of an imaginary friend who looks a whole lot like William Hurt. Costner’s Earl Brooks is such a square (appropriate, perhaps, for a man who made his fortune in box manufacturing) that he […]