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  • 1992 Pazz & Jop: Between Rock and a Hard Place

    Back in November, nobody knew who would win the 19th or 20th Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll. By January, everybody did — everybody but me. “It’s not good enough, Joe,” I protested earnestly to Crown Poobah Joe Levy, and of that I felt certain. The kvelling about Arrested Development’s 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 […]

  • Jeopardy’s Five Best Music Moments

    Sure, selling almost 180 million records worldwide is pretty special. As is winning 17 Grammy Awards. But last week, Beyoncé’s legacy was bestowed with arguably the highest of all honors: She got her own category on Jeopardy. Personally, our favorite part was Alex Trebek’s delivery of the phrase “Jay-Z is featured on this Beyoncé song […]

  • Cypress Hill+Action Bronson

    Hip-hop’s heroes of hydro, Cypress Hill, may have raided their Temple of Boom to produce 10 albums in the past two decades, even going dubstep with help from British DJ Rusko, but this is not the reason the quartet is playing Times Square’s 2,000-seat Best Buy Theater. A quick glance at three of their top […]

  • Sublime with Rome+Cypress Hill+Pepper

    The dream of the ’90s is alive in Williamsburg as these two touchstones of the Clinton era wax nostalgic about a time when crystal balls were irrelevant, those who had a million dollars might spend it all, and a brain that was a tad insane seemed like a good thing. Things have changed; the remaining […]

  • “Cypress Hills Weed And Seed Job Fair” Is Not What You Think (Hope) It Is

    If you go to the “Cypress Hills Weed and Seed Job Fair” in Brooklyn tomorrow and expect to come away with a sweet gig farming marijuana, you will be extremely disappointed. We got an email this afternoon from the United States Attorney’s Office alerting us to the aforementioned job fair. Normally, emails about job fairs […]

  • Atmosphere’s When Life Gives You Lemons . . .

    Get in where you fit in: Too $hort raps about girls, Cypress Hill raps about weed, and, until now, Slug rapped about Slug. But for his fifth album with rap duo Atmosphere, he’s officially inactivated his LiveJournal, opting instead to spin fictional tales of various grumblers lurching around the streets of Minneapolis: strippers, junkies, chain-smokers, […]

  • headline

    Tricky (With DJ Muggs And Grease) Juxtapose Island On this latest outing, Tricky receives a much needed kick in the pants from guest producers DJ Muggs (of Cypress Hill) and Grease, resulting in his most invigorating release in some time. Muggs and Grease fill out Tricky’s desolate trip-hop soundscapes with dark, slinky electro-grooves and splashes […]

  • Gangsta Gamin’

    In the early days of video games, circa 1980, players fell in love with Space Invaders, and the simple act of moving green polygons away from red polygons. The red shape was supposed to be a cannon and the green ones aliens, but nobody who played really believed he was fighting extraterrestrials. In most of […]

  • Consumer Guide

    Normally at this time of year my poll-watching duties alert me to missed goodies. But except for the Dud of the Month, this CG is pure odds and ends, and as African as any in years. AIR Moon Safari (Source/Caroline) Ooh how much I wanted to hate this moist piece of patisserie–how much I did […]

  • The Hill Is Alive

    Inflated to the size of a Macy’s parade balloon, the día de los muertos skeleton— Cypress Hill’s mascot for nearly a decade— sat on a throne center stage at Roseland on Halloween, a ghoulish reproach to skeptics who think the appeal of this singular rap group is dead. Cypress Hill taught everyone from Onyx to […]