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  • Survivors of a Nuclear Disaster Need a Conch in The Divide

    A mushroom cloud blooms over Manhattan at the opening of The Divide. We see it reflected in the tearful eyes of Eva (Lauren German), who’ll spend much of the subsequent movie watching and waiting. She and eight other building residents, including her French fiancé, Sam (Iván González), manage to get to the basement before the […]


    Thelonious Sphere Monk: He’s one of those postwar jazz mavericks with a funny name; he wore funny hats and communicated in an eccentric language; and he developed a revolutionary piano style. That’s what average music fans know. They may not be aware that Monk grew up right around the present Jazz at Lincoln Center edifice […]

  • To Tell the Truth

    When you’re introduced to the Williamses, the black middle-class clan about to be cut to pieces in Blind Faith, they’re so stolid and familiar you imagine you understand the calamity that’s about to befall them. The year is 1957 and burly patriarch Charles (Charles Dutton) is a hardworking, go-along-to-get-along cop. His brother, John (Courtney B. […]