Tag: Concord (Staten Island)

  • Back Forty West: New Soho, New Restaurant

    Of course we’re feeling a bit of kale exhaustion. It seems like it burns more calories to chew it like big apes than the leaves actually provide. But for every mediocre kale salad on the menu in New York these days, there’s a good one. An austere, raw rendition at Northern Spy Food, rubbed with […]

  • 2009 Voice Jazz Critics’ Poll: The Results

    Jazz Album of the Year 1. Vijay Iyer Trio, Historicity (ACT) 234 (33) 2. Henry Threadgill Zooid, This Brings UsTo, Volume 1 (Pi) 198.5 (30) 3. Joe Lovano Us Five, Folk Art (Blue Note) 150 (23) 4. Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society, Infernal Machines (New Amsterdam) 134 (22) 5. Steve Lehman Octet, Travail, Transformation, and […]

  • Curtis Stigers

    The singer-saxophonist returns to the room after too long an absence. Not since Chet Baker has a male warbler been quite so cool at impeccably interpreting the Great American Songbook. Expect items from his Real Emotional Concord CD with Rick Germanson on piano, Cliff Schmitt on bass. June 9-20, 8:30 & 11 p.m., 2009

  • Inter-Century Freundschaft

    Pick Hits NORTHERN STATE All City (Columbia) Feeling they have nothing to prove and plenty to get right, Hesta Prynne, the retagged Spero, and a funkier Sprout throw themselves into what they love with no discernible concern for cred. Except insofar as all voices are different, which counts, the music on this feisty, funny rap […]

  • Looking Past Differences

    Pick Hits TODD SNIDER East Nashville Skyline (Oh Boy) At 34, Snider declares himself an “old-timer,” and from the prefatory “Age Like Wine” (“too late to die young now”) to the valedictory “Enjoy Yourself” (Guy Lombardo’s wisest hit) proves his maturity by being funny and serious at the same time. In a decisive and let […]

  • Soho Abcedarius

    The Gallic culture with which I enjoy the greatest affinity is viniculture. Like many early winos, I rejoiced in the discovery of the French paradox, having spent decades, glass of rouge in hand, watching with bemusement as my friends learned the glories of the grape, swilling their way from Boone’s Farm to Beringer and from […]

  • Old Guys Yes, Retro Never

    The retro vogue muddied the water a bit in 1998. Some jazz enthusiasts thought they had to proffer at least qualified support, as in: Isn’t this what we fantasized— a popular revival of swing, big bands, touch dancing, and, let’s just say it flat out, an antidote to that goddamn rock? Indeed, if we can […]