Also: Weirdly, Jay-Z’s O’Reilly-Dissing “Off That” Sounds Way Better on Fox News

Somehow the pained, sallow face of Bill O’Reilly kinda makes it all worthwhile. [h/t Rap Radar]


Bill O’Reilly Gears Up For the American Idol Finale, Describes Adam Lambert as the “Might-Be-Gay Guy”

Take it away, consistently entertaining and always straight-shooting music blog Music Is the Heart of Our Soul:

    The O’Reily factor aired a special segment last night talking about “The Christian Influence on American Idol”, but it wasn’t about that, it was just another excuse to flash those controversial pictures of Adam kissing dudes.

For those keeping track, this is now the second leering show on this same topic O’Reilly has done. Anyway, let us now induct O’Reilly’s “might-be-gay guy” and “smoochin’-up guys on the internet” euphemisms into the kinda sorta might-be-homophobic pantheon of vaguely offensive things O’Reilly says every day of his miserable life.

O’Reilly – Christian Influence on American Idol? [Music Is the Heart of Our Soul]


Janeane Garofalo: “What the **** Do I Give A **** About What Bill O’Reilly Says”

“Attractive, isn’t she?” was noted feminist Bill O’Reilly’s response to the above statement, which Garofalo made after being ambushed by one of his roving crews and told, quote, “Bill O’Reilly says you should apologize.” O’Reilly’s contention is that Garofalo called “just honest” teabaggers racist–“What about that one sign that said, ‘What you talkin’ bout Willis?'” Garofalo sensibly replied. “Bill O’Reilly should apologize for everything he says every day.” Amen. [Daily Beast, via Videogum]


Rush Limbaugh Calls Sound of the City “Some Magazine,” Says Janeane Garofalo Is A Liar

Our recent interview with Janeane Garofalo prompted a whole floating online armada of psychopathic crazies to take the apparently not-common-enough opportunity to unleash their finest “Janeane Godawfulho” jokes and other classy vitriol–evidently, there are a lot of angry people out there with some weirdly specific Google Alerts. This bonkers mob, not content to merely catcall, have now brought the matter to their fearless leader, Rush Limbaugh. Though he couldn’t bring himself to remember the name of this publication during his radio show yesterday, Limbaugh was sufficiently moved to offer comment. And, weirdly, to engage in some surprisingly detailed 24 folk history:

    Janeane Garofalo also said, some magazine, I don’t know where it was. She said that the producers of “24” asked her if she would like to meet me and Lynne Cheney when we made a visit to the set. And she said, “No, I have no desire to meet Rush Limbaugh or Lynne Cheney. I don’t want to go up and get my picture taken.” There’s a problem with that. I haven’t been to the set of “24” since she was added to the cast. The last time I’ve been to the set of “24” was season four, and this is season seven.
    Season four, Kim Raver was still in the show as Jack Bauer’s quasi-love interest, I mean to the extent that he has a love interest in this show, but she was nowhere around. The last time I was at “24”, the focal point of the show was CTU, Counterterrorist Unit. It all takes place in Washington now, at least theoretically. I haven’t been out there. Besides that, I would have never asked to meet her. If I were going to take a set visit to “24” now, I would make sure to do it on a day when they told me she wasn’t there. So she’s just lying through her teeth about this. And of course this got picked up by the entertainment press, and the entertainment press gave her kudos, “That a girl, way to stick it to Limbaugh and Cheney.” I have no clue what she could have been talking about because I haven’t been out there in years when they’re filming “24,” certainly not while she’s been a member of the cast.

And while we basically appreciate dude keeping our name off his show, and are sort of impressed that Garofalo has sufficiently gotten to Limbaugh to the extent that he’s attempting to avoid the comedian at all costs, as if she were a particularly vengeful ex-girlfriend, it’s basically unseemly that a guy who spends all day baselessly calling other people cowards would react so shrilly to being called one himself. Especially since, even as he righteously disputes her account, he basically admits that he would’ve done the exact same thing as Garofalo says she did when he visited the show.


Bill O’Reilly Last Guy On Earth Still Willing to Watch Random Videos of Rappers Smoking Weed

We won’t even bother to throw up our hands in outrage at Bill O’Reilly’s suggestion that Barack Obama deport Snoop Dogg for the crime of holding a blunt in the general vicinity of the rapper’s own Obama-by-Shepard Fairey t-shirt, so as to make it look like the red-white-blue presidential portrait is smoking weed. Instead, we’ll merely note that, as with Eminem’s crimes against Sarah Palin in a video no one watched more than once because it was so abysmally, irredeemably bad, Bill O’Reilly is the only guy still watching random 40-second clips of rappers doing nothing interesting on the internet. Fabolous is on Twitter, Bill! He spent all of yesterday asking where he could buy weed in Miami! Get with the moment!

Watch: Bill O’Reilly Hopes Obama Deports Snoop Dogg… [Daily Swarm]


Interview: Janeane Garofalo on 24, Henry Rollins, and Her Inevitable Run for Junior Senator of Minnesota

“When Rush Limbaugh visited the set, and when Lynne Cheney visited the set, I refused to have my picture taken with them or meet them or anything.”

Janeane Garofalo is known for biting standup, stints on SNL, The Larry Sanders Show and The West Wing, and her pioneering contributions to Air America Radio. But it was her 2003 opposition to the Iraq War that converted Garofalo into a high-profile target for right-wing nut jobs nationwide. Cut to 2009, and Garofalo is now a cast member on Fox’s long-running torturefest, 24 (Irony? Brilliant career segue? Indicator of job scarcity?). Garofalo also continues her standup routine, performing five shows on April 17-19, at Comix (“Don’t let the name fool you. It’s actually a good room.”). Recently, I spoke with her by phone at 8AM; only at the end of the interview did we realize that we were both on the west coast and had both woken early just to be courteous.

You suffered unimaginable right-wing abuse and death-threats in 2003. Now you’re on the cast of 24. Was there a quid pro quo for that? Like ‘I went through all this, so here are my demands’?

I was offered a good job. At first I passed on it because of the right-wing nature of a couple of the writers. But then I realized A) I’m not being me, B) I was unemployed, and C) a very good friend of mine is on it, Mary Lynn Rajskub. And she loves it there. There’s only one or two right wingers in the whole show, in the writer’s room. There’s nobody else whose opinions reflect that in the cast or the crew. And then midway through when I was working there the main right-winger left the show anyway.

That being series creator and self-described “right-wing nut job” Joel Surnow…


I was curious about that. I understand Kiefer Sutherland is kind of quietly lefty and Mary Lynn Rajskub was on Mr. Show–so by definition she’s completely awesome–but what were your dealings with Surnow like?

Actually, he was really a funny guy. He’s completely right wing, which you just have to deal with and realize what you’re dealing with. He himself, I doubt, believes half the shit he says. He’s good friends with Rush Limbaugh, good friends with Lynne Cheney; part of it is brand loyalty. That’s just sort of who he is, so he has to stick with the story as is given to him, by the people he hangs out with.

So it sounds like your relationship was closer to the playful back and forth banter of Patricia Heaton and Peter Boyle on the Everybody Loves Raymond set and less of a Nancy Kulp / Buddy Ebsen antagonism where you eventually run for political office and he takes out ads against you.

Exactly. In fact, I barely saw him. But when, on those rare occasions I did, he was extremely nice to me, and an extremely funny guy.

That is shockingly disappointing.

Now, having said that, when Rush Limbaugh visited the set, and when Lynne Cheney visited the set, I refused to have my picture taken with them or meet them or anything. I didn’t want to make a scene out of it and not even go meet them in front of people. When somebody came to me privately and said ‘do you want to meet them’, I said absolutely not. But I would never have made a big show of it and embarrassed people who worked there. Not that they were interested in meeting me. And, to tell you the truth, I doubt that Lynne Cheney even knew who I was…

Oh, come on.

No, why would she? That would be ridiculous to think that she knew who I was.

You can’t actually believe that.

Why would she?

You’ve been in over fifty movies!

I really doubt… [laughs] you flatter me to say that.

Have you ever thought about running for political office?

Good god no. Good god no. Not only am I not qualified to hold any office, I would not be interested in going into politics. At all.

Al Franken probably thought the same thing when he was your age.

He is qualified.

He was on Saturday Night Live!

But that does not define a person. And also, he’s always been an extremely bright guy, Ivy League graduate, always been extremely interested in politics since the sixties, and an activist since he was a young man. Just because somebody has been involved in entertainment, or had any other job, that doesn’t define them. Everybody’s a taxpaying citizen.

So, if in five years someone has a Draft Garofalo campaign…

I would say thank you, you flatter me, but I am highly unqualified.

Final question. You’ve collaborated onstage and on TV with Henry Rollins several times – do you ever have moments, when you’re working with him, where suddenly you go, holy shit, I’m hanging out with Henry Rollins!

All the time! All the time! I am not only a huge fan of his, and I adore him, I’m shocked that he has wanted to work with me. Shocked. I have said ‘holy shit’ tons of times.



Bill O’Reilly Will Not Stand For Eminem’s Assault on Sarah Palin’s Virtue

If nothing else, this dispiritingly familiar interview between Bill O’Reilly and self-proclaimed feminist Tammy Bruce (O’Reilly: “You’re a feminist, correct? You remain a practicing feminist. Is that why you have a leather jacket on?”) might help a younger generation understand what a politician like Obama found so nightmarish about the ancient culture wars he inevitably got sucked into: the endless battle waged by one retrograde faction against the other, as the intellectual quality on both sides fade and a washed up hack like Bill O’Reilly remains the only man left to take a washed up hack like Eminem seriously. [via 2DopeBoyz]


Not Quite Bill O’Reilly, Is He? Mike Huckabee vs. Russell Simmons on FOX News

Ah, Russell. I suppose this is him accepting Bill O’Reilly’s invitation to appear on FOX News “in response” to his “blog”–fall out from the Jeezy debacle in January. Or not. Simmons is vigorously pushing his website (currently offering $100,000 for photos of Chris Brown and Rihanna together! Hip-hop culture, alive and well!) in all quarters. Let’s not fault another man’s hustle, but there is something blithe about going on this particular network and having a soothing sit-down with Mike Huckabee, of all people. As a matter of fact, it’s Huckabee who seems to have a better handle on the crises of modern rap here:

    When we talk about hip-hop, the culture–but specifically relating to music, most genres of music, whether it’s blues or rock or even country or bluegrass–had its origins with people essentially in a struggle. And then it became mainstream, and commercially successful. How do you keep the commercial success of the whole hip-hop culture from almost defying–if not ruining–that earthiness and the raw quality from which it was born?

Which, despite the uncomfortable presence of “earthiness” there–that weird equation of American-Americans and primitivism, maybe explained by the former Republican presidential candidate’s ‘folksiness,’ and maybe not–is as pithy a formulation of the exact problem confronting Simmons et al going forward as any other I’ve seen. In some ways the original O’Reilly blow-up was basically guys asserting that the Jay-Zs and Jeezys of the world should be done with the “raw quality” aspects of the genre–especially since commercial success has given them such a long reach.

Many people seem to think a kind of sanitization of rap is on the way (this in exchange for a pretty major role in American mainstream political/cultural discourse), which I think might be a bit of a pity. Or alternately, an inversion: as Simmons points out, these guys were doing it their way at a fantastically successful level long before anyone thought to attempt to reign them in.

Heady stuff–then Simmons says the name of his website a bunch of times, and…segment over. [Prefix]


Russell Simmons’s Cynical Bill O’Reilly Stunt

So a few days ago, successful businessman and avid New Age-weirdo Russell Simmons took upon himself to defend rap from the incursions of successful businessman and avid right wing-psychopath Bill O’Reilly, on where else, the brand-new Huffington Post of hip-hop, Global Grind: “As Editor-In-Chief of Global Grind, I am calling out Bill O’ Reilly.”

Now whether or not a man who is so far removed from the rap community that he is in fact “friendly and socially connected” to O’Reilly when he’s not “calling out” dudes on the internet is the right guy to defend hip-hop from those dudes is more or less immaterial. What did this argument devolve into, in no time at all? Invitations and counter invitations. In the wake of Simmons’s bold challenge, O’Reilly did what he usually does and invited him on the show, thus outflanking Simmons in the whose-enterprise-will-get-the-controversy-win? race to the public.

A blustery Russell: “I publicly accept your invitation to appear on the Bill O’Reilly show on FOX News in response to my blog. But Bill, I need you to address the hip-hop community directly…You could benefit from receiving their more passionate responses if you would have a direct communication with them instead of just the “yogic” calm responses that you will get from me. So, I respectfully ask again for a blog from you to the community pointing out your opinions about their impact on society.”

And while it’s kind of Russell to point out that his yogic response-tactics are the not the customary red-faced shouting to which O’Reilly is accustomed, let’s not get carried away here: This is an argument between two incredibly successful men about which one of them will provide free publicity (and, weirdly, free labor in the O’Reilly-blogging case) for the other. For O’Reilly, this is business as usual. For Simmons though–way to convert some genuinely offensive shit into shine for your new start-up. Keep “grinding,” man…


Interview: Comedian Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari performs at Comix on January 9 and 10. 

Comedian Aziz Ansari studied marketing at NYU and came up through the city’s underground comedy scene before earning his break as co-creator and co-star of MTV sketch show Human Giant. He’s now departed for L.A., and is starring alongside Amy Poehler in an upcoming NBC sit-com from The Office executive producer Greg Daniels. Ansari is featured in the upcoming Judd Apatow flick Funny People, the new season of Scrubs, and about a million other projects. He spoke with Sound of the City through his preferred medium of email.–Ben Westhoff

Human Giant is indefinitely “on hiatus,” and you’ve said that’s because though MTV wants you to do a third season you’re too busy because of your NBC show. Is that the real story?

The truth is Sway forced us off the network. Last year at the MTV Christmas Party, all the network talent took part in a “Secret Santa.” Before the gifts were handed out, I was in the bathroom and heard Sway bragging to a friend about how he stiffed his secret Santa and didn’t buy them a gift.

Later that evening, after gifts were handed out and Xzibit didn’t get one. He was really bummed and took it personal. No one would fess up to not buying the gift and I finally blurted, “It was Sway. He’s the asshole who didn’t get Xzibit his secret Santa.” Needless to say, Xzibit and I then beat the shit out of him.

The next day, I was told to pack my things and leave MTV. Sway saw me on my way out and said “Don’t ever fuck with the Sway.”

You’re a very prolific blogger. What bloggers out there do you see as your main competition?

Diddy’s “Diddy Blogs” are hard to beat. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a good example – in Diddy Blog #8, he heralded the movie Hancock for giving the world its first African American superhero. It was a tough issue for Diddy. He said as a child he saw that even dogs had their own superhero (Underdog) before African Americans, and Hancock had finally put an end to the injustice. Thus far, there has been no response from Blade, the Black Power Ranger, or Bishop from the X-Men among others.

Are you pissed at Amy Poehler for getting pregnant and delaying the start of your sit-com, since now it won’t debut until after the Super Bowl?

Yeah, thanks Amy, hope having a “child” was worth losing millions of viewers for our premiere!!

You’re in Judd Apatow’s up-coming film Funny People, and so is RZA. Did you get to spend any time with him?

RZA and I don’t have any scenes together but he was on set to see some of my stuff and said he thought it was funny. I was pretty flattered, because RZA is the man. He was very nice.

There are rumors of a potential Human Giant movie, although you’ve said you won’t speak on the plot. But tell me this — if you could have the obscure Hollywood actors of your choice in the film, what would their roles be?

Tom Skerritt as Tom Skerritt
Jason Statham as Chev Chelios (from Crank)
Martin Cove as Sensei John Kreese
Reginald VelJohnson as Chubby Barack Obama

You recently detailed a wild night on the town with Paul Krugman, during which women were falling at his feet. Have you spent any time recently with any other unlikely celebrities?

I got into a fight with Tom Colicchio from Top Chef last weekend in Austin. He was in town for some event for Food & Wine magazine and we had both ended up at the same bar after our respective events. I was talking to this girl and at one point Colicchio comes over and goes “Hey bro, why don’t you pack your knives and get the fuck out of here?” I said, “Excuse me?” He goes, “Look bro, I’m on Bravo, I do what I want and I want to talk to this chick and I want you to pack your knives and go.” I refused and next thing you know Colicchio throws a handful of coriander in my eyes and slams my head into a bowl of foie gras. I tried to fight back but Colicchio grabbed my throat and goes, “If you don’t go away, I’ll replace your eyeballs with these grilled bacon wrapped scallops.” Security eventually detained him and I went on with my night.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

1) Quit counterfeiting Quiznos’ rewards cards and selling them for $3

By my estimate, I’ve given away over 6000 toasted subs to customers who did not eat the required 7 other toasted subs to deserve them. I apologize to everyone at Quiznos and promise this will end in ’09.

2) Erase some of the stuff off my DVR

Girl at my apt: Hey you want to watch some TV?
Me: Yeah, I have over 4 hours of Fox’s X-Men animated series on my DVR!
Girl at my apt: WHOA! Do you have the “Savage Land” episodes? Or any of the episodes with the time travel story arcs with Bishop and Cable?
Me: Fuck yeah, I do. I got all dem shits.
Girl at my apt: Let’s make out and watch it!!

This does not ever happen.

3) Stop vandalizing PT Cruisers just because they are PT Cruisers

Before I fully moved to L.A., I had to rent cars and consistently ended up with bright neon colored PT Cruisers. I grew to hate them and now every time I see a PT Cruiser, I take a huge dump on it. I realize this is foolish and unnecessary and in ’09, I will just piss on them.