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  • Sushi Cologne: Will Cats Chase You Down the Street?

    Better than a trip to the sushi bar — or maybe not. Demeter Fragrances, the outfit that brought you perfumes with the odor of Dirt, Baby Powder, Clean Windows, Funeral Home, and Egg Nog (I have the Dirt, and used to use it to disguise the smell of pot in my luggage), has come up […]

  • ‘Sunday Best Presents Michael Mayer’

    While Sunday Best—the summertime dance party that convenes on the fetid banks of the Gowanus Canal—has had some heavyweights on its decks previously, they’ve never featured anyone quite like Cologne’s Michael Mayer. The third season of Best kicks off in a big way with the father of Germany’s Kompakt imprint, an international superstar known for […]

  • Teza, Portrait of an Ethiopian Exile

    Spanning two decades of his nation’s fraught history and invoking the legacy of at least three more, Haile Gerima’s Teza confronts the paradoxical position of a certain generation of Ethiopian intellectual that includes both the director and his lead character. Arriving back at his native village in 1990, after nearly 20 years of exile in […]

  • ‘Mr. Saturday Night Presents John Tejada’

    John Tejada has long been making a uniquely Californian brand of minimalism, favoring a warm tech house that’s utterly distinct from the sounds of tough Detroit/Windsor or cerebral Berlin/Cologne. Releases on his Palette label are impeccable, but it’s as a DJ that he really shines, using a keen ear for detail to create tight, nuanced […]

  • ‘We Love Techno Presents GummiHZ’

    GummiHz strips English rave, NY garage, and the sounds of his native Greek isles down to their basic elements and uses them to build his own unique dance structures. His earliest productions appeared on Cologne’s hardy Treibstoff, but he’s since relocated to (of course) Berlin, and to Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann’s Mobilee, a label […]

  • ‘Fixed Presents Superpitcher’

    Aksel Schaufler, a/k/a Superpitcher, represents the more accessible side of Cologne’s ranking minimalist stable, Michael Mayer, et al’s Kompakt. His melodic, danceable productions lean toward pop, even torch songs, while his DJ sets balance groove with a portent sense of drama. He’s been a little quiet of late, but we’re hoping his set will preview […]

  • ‘Fixed with Michael Mayer’

    Michael Mayer has long been the leading man of German minimalism—the calm, cool, and collected Cologne sound in particular. That said, his Kompakt label has always been diverse and accessible, encompassing Superpitcher’s torch songs, Justus Kohnke’s electrofolk, Gui Boratto’s melodicism, and now GusGus’s Icelandic pop. More importantly, the master’s energetic DJ sets rock. With residents […]

  • NQ+Always Tokyo+He Can Jog

    Cologne laptop bliss-maker Nils Quak walks the lines between Kompakt minimalism, Aphex dream-sputter, and general droney goodness. It doesn’t always have direction, but should provide perfect atmospheric accompaniment to four giant screens showing the cloud-heavy visuals of New York multimedia artist Pandatone. Broken-toys-and-laptops band Always Tokyo will be playing their inaugural gig and Brooklyn laptop […]

  • Goldfrapp’s Seventh Tree

    Sooner or later the ’90s had to return, and not fast enough for Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory. Their fourth album, Seventh Tree, perfects the boutique electronica in which they’ve specialized since 2000; if silvery female mumbles atop beds of keyboards is your thing, then you can put away that Sneaker Pimps record. The rest […]

  • The Gallery Crashers

    The big, bubble-strutting graffiti tag just inside the door at Barbara Gladstone is largely illegible. That’s cool: Its jangly, neon forms are meant to be seen more than read. And so it goes with the scrappy, sprawling, wildly theatrical basement playhouse environment filling all of the gallery’s four rooms: The decidedly literary mind behind this […]