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  • Safe Streets, Not ‘Women’s Bike Month,’ Will Fix NYC’s Two-Wheeled Gender Gap

    On Wednesday morning, the city’s Department of Transportation tweeted a series of sunlit photos showing smiling women riding down the 6th Avenue bike lane. The well-meaning photo-op kicked off a partnership with Citi Bike to highlight New York’s cycling gender gap: Only 23% of cyclists here are women. Under the banner of #feminism, Citi Bike is encouraging its members to recruit […]

  • Get These Stupid Citi Bikes Away From My Magical Prospect Park Panthers

    Dear City of New York — This is very difficult to write, so it’s best if I get straight to the point: Had I known that my life’s work would be completely massacred by an unholy batch of hideous alien vehicles, I never would have allowed my panthers and their rippling, meticulously crafted muscles to grace […]

  • Watching the Wheels

    In order to reach David Andrew King’s office on the third floor of Buell Hall, a beautiful old brick building nestled in the center of Columbia University’s Morningside Heights campus, I take a Metro-North train from my home in Fairfield, Connecticut. The station is just a few miles south of where two trains collided in […]

  • Who Is This Man and Why Is He Taking His Picture With So Many Citi Bikes?

    If you search the #CitiBike tag on Tumblr, this man’s face will haunt you for pages on end. He pops up over and over again–in different places around town, in different positions on different Citi Bikes, but the same steely-eyed gaze staring back at you. Who is this man, you might ask, and why is […]

  • Citi Bike Stations Moved From Wealthy Neighborhoods; Commence Class Warfare?

    Another week, another Citi Bike dilemma. As the bike share program blows past the 250,000 rides mark, the placement of stations has become the subject of contention since its Memorial Day inauguration. The reasons are varied: The streets are too narrow to fit them; the streets are too packed with them; the streets are too […]

  • Bike Share Fever: Citi Bike Rides Pass the Quarter-Million Mark

    700,000 miles. That’s the lengthy equivalent of about 280,000 Central Parks. Or a little more than 50,000 Manhattans from the bottom up. It’s also the amount of miles CitiBike users–who have now clocked in over 250,000 rides–have covered in three weeks’ time. The most expansive bike share in the country now has 40,000 annual members, […]