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  • 1997 Pazz & Jop: The Year of No Next Big Thing

    Because the 24th or 25th Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll was the biggest-and-bestest ever, it tempted me to come out shilling for our big fat turnout and shiny new machines. Because the winner was in doubt well into the computerized tally, his margin of victory the smallest since…Blood on the Tracks? — no no no, […]

  • Crooked Arrows

    Former Superman Brandon Routh neither looks nor convincingly acts the part of an upstate New York Native American in Crooked Arrows, a flaccid fable in which Routh’s casino owner Joe learns to honor his ancestors and “the Creator” through lacrosse. In order to get reservation council approval for his business’s expansion, Joe agrees to coach […]

  • We Condone Chumbawamba

    The nicest thing I can say about Chumbawamba is also the nicest thing I can say about John Kerry: I am actively glad each exists. This is not faint praise. It’s more than I can say for the substantial majority of pop groups and politicians, and most likely more than you and I can say […]

  • Lunch Goes On

    Lonely hearts who’ve misinterpreted this column’s heading on the Voice Web site are welcome to skip directly to the rather pervy L.L. Cool J single, if they want.   CHUMBAWAMBA “Enough Is Enough (Kick It Over)” (limited-edition unlabeled promo) “It wasn’t hip anymore/They were playing our tune, but it was clearing the dancefloor”: “Tubthumping” didn’t […]

  • Alt Lives!!

    Alt-rock dead? Only if your ears are. Most of the indie and postindie artists who get the big reviews below are veterans coming into their own. But in Honorable Mention you’ll find younger bands I bet have better in them. Ass Ponys Some Stupid With a Flare Gun (Checkered Past) Buy    Listen Chuck Cleaver […]

  • They’re with Stupid

    To answer your question, no, they haven’t tried to make “Tubthumping II.” Chumbawamba are perfectly aware that most of their listeners think their 10th or so album is their second, and they’re beating everyone else to the backlash. The only song on WYSIWYG that could pass for halftime music is a marching-band house anthem called […]

  • Hitspoofing

    U.S. News reported a while back that a parody of “Tub-thumping,” with lyrics endorsing a war against Iraq, was making the rounds of the Pentagon as an e-mailed sound file. It’s since spread beyond the military, as such things tend to do. The 73-second file, under the name “Saddambombing,” can be found at http://members.aol.com/BusySygnal; it […]