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  • Order’s Skill Set Also Includes Violence

    PharmaCo’s sad-sack secretary, Tom Blander, could use a little bit of its new drug ProzaCan. The drug promises “the power to perform”—and that’s something Tom (Ryan Tramont) desperately wants in his feeble life. A former philosophy professor, he suffers through workdays under a psychotic boss who taunts him with homophobic slurs. At night, he faces […]

  • Animal Crackers

    The central conceit of Christopher Boal’s new drama could have been lifted from a Farrelly brothers movie: A crazed sister kidnaps her brother’s beloved shih tzu in the hopes of forcing him to confess to murdering her cats when they were children. But Boal approaches this somewhat unlikely situation with utter seriousness, plumbing it not […]