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  • Art

    After all the anticipation (or am I the only one who starts a countdown in June?), the American fashion magazines’ hefty September issues are decidedly underwhelming. Nicole Kidman gives Vogue a neat jolt of star power in photos shot by Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton, and the always arresting Irving Penn. But even Madonna on the […]

  • Siren Wailing

    You’d think there’d be some mathematical formula that could take into account the manner tossed, and how far, and what exactly “it” was, and tell you the all-time champion of Throwing It All Away. Until this analytic tool is devised, I can only say with certainty that Christina Aguilera has a seat at the table; […]

  • Slim Swanee

    Anti-downloading advocacy be damned: Put an a cappella mix of your single out there and the digital wolves are bound to descend. Want proof? Go to www.base58.com/booms/, and you’ll discover dozens of available bootleg remixes of Eminem’s “Without Me.” But the bonanza isn’t the pairing of the tune with Prodigy’s “Breathe” or Zep’s “The Wanton […]

  • Barely Legal  

    The best new song I’ve heard in the past year is called “A Stroke of Genius,” but don’t bother looking in a record store. Someone called the Freelance Hellraiser chopped up the instrumental sections of the Strokes’ “Hard to Explain,” rearranged them, and coupled them with the vocals from Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle,” […]

  • Infiltrate It

    “Pop Muzik” by Marcus and “I’m Afraid of Britney Spears” by LiveonRelease are unsubtle attempts at, respectively, collegiate parody and high school alienation. As responses to teenpop from the outside—away from the focus groups and factories—these records will nevertheless sound best on Radio Disney alongside their all-too-obvious targets: marionette heartthrobs and breast-implanted cheerleaders. I have […]

  • Grammytanamera

    Latinos rarely need an excuse to don their best threads and party. And as last week’s first annual Latin Grammy Awards in L.A. proved once again, we do it with sabor. Having cashed in my frequent-flyer miles to mingle with the Latinrati on the left coast, I made it into the Staples Center’s nosebleed section […]

  • Chain Store Hairdos

    There’s something strange about the idea of Totally Hits 2, the compilation of recent pop smashes by various names, a follow-up to 1999’s equally incongruous Totally Hits. Nowadays, anthologies like these barely make sense. After all, hit music occupied as much a part of the mythology of the 1980s as big suits and Wall Street […]

  • NY Mirror

    I paid half price for a ticket to Rose, and sure enough got half a show, bolting gloriously to freedom at intermission. The nonhappening—which stars Olympia Dukakis as “a feisty Jewish woman” with a lot of time on her hands—hammers the last nail in the coffin of those contrived, antitheatrical one-person vehicles in which a […]