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  • Cher and Christina Together In a Movie!

    Here are fabulous shots from dlisted.com of two big-lunged divas, Cher and Christina Aguilera, as they film the provocatively titled feature Burlesque. Are they dolled up enough to merit the headline “Two Drag Queens Crossing The Road”? And if so, which one is the bigger drag queen? And the younger looking one?

  • Clem Snide

    These local alt-folkies took a few years off following the release of 2005’s End of Love, but now they’re back on the road supporting a new album called Hungry Bird, on which frontman Eef Barzelay works the same modest songwriterly charms he’s been mining lately as a solo dude. Expect casual fans to request “Moment […]

  • Noise from the Front

    CURE FOR NERVOUSNESS By Angela Ocampo (Colombia) Boil four Valerian leaves and one tablespoon honey in one cup water for two minutes. Drink before going to bed. — from Outreach and Technical Assistance Network “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera , from Back to Basics (RCA, 2006) [Music listing for Friday, March 23] “Treat Me Right“ by […]

  • Splendour in the Crass

    There are truly evil men sent to prison for the rest of their natural lives for assaults less brutally visceral than that which Christina Aguilera visited upon “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” at the Grammys. Employing her full arsenal of uranium-enriched HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY- vocal warfare, she wrestled the tune to the floor like a gator, […]

  • Fergie Is a Man

    God Bless MTV. For the VMAs, we expect no less than Christina Aguilera cloaked by a sea of white fog, Beyonce backed by the bomb squad, Al Gore stopping in for a public service announcement, and stage crashers risking life and limb just to drop their website URL. And of course there was that opening […]

  • Billie in a Bottle

    Mrs. Christina Aguilera’s ambition on this double LP, as she haughtily proclaims on “Back in the Day,” is to channel the spirits of Ray, Nat, Aretha, Otis, Etta, Billie, and Peabo. (OK, not Peabo.) And in a year that’s seen Jessica Simpson straight bite Madonna’s “Holiday” and Rihanna binge-and-purge Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love,” this goal […]

  • ‘Herbie Hancock: Possibilities’

    Herbie Hancock is looking damn good for a man in his mid sixties, and he’s far from set in his ways—the veteran jazzman proved as much on his 2005 duets album Possibilities, on which he teamed up with Christina Aguilera, Annie Lennox, Trey Anastasio, Wayne Shorter, and Sting, among others. This movie tie-in is considerably […]

  • A Hot Little Weirdo

    “She’s famous for wiggling her bum,” observed a British tab before excitedly revealing that the Colombian pop goddess Shakira “has a reported IQ of 140” and hires tutors to teach her about the cities she plays. So perhaps it’s just as well I’ve never seen a Shakira video—maybe her bum, or her “humble breasts” (just […]

  • Bye Hot Topic

    Before Ashlee Simpson got their undies in a bunch, music purists pointed to Kelly Osbourne as so-called proof that recording contracts and reality TV shows should never be perks to having a famous last name. But who better to reap the rewards of a privileged pedigree than Kelly O.? As the sort of pudgy, outspoken, […]

  • Hip-Hop Doppelgängers

    In a perfect world, iced-out thug Nelly and boho griot Mos Def would cameo on each other’s records. But black men profit just as much as everyone else from imagining themselves in compartmentalized solar systems, so St. Louis–born Nelly and Brooklyn-born Mos remain hip-hop doppelgängers. Though cut from different cloth, they’re both iconoclasts, pushing hip-hop […]