Tag: Christian Wolff

  • Callithumpian Consort

    Works by microtonal magus Alvin Lucier are the focus of this New England Conservatory ensemble’s two-night stand at Brooklyn’s finest experimental-music hall. This evening marks the local premiere of Lucier’s glacial, spatial Braid along with Fideliotrio, Two Circles, and Slices; Christian Wolff’s miniscule Microexercises; and Tristan Murail’s Lachrymae. Fri., March 28, 8 p.m.; Sat., March […]

  • Keith Rowe

    A founding member of enormously influential free-improvising Brit collective AMM, Rowe abandoned jazz guitar in the ’60s for a radical style all his own. He augments his instrument, which lays flat on a table, with screwdrivers, electric drills, steel rods, alligator clips, office supplies, radio, and other objects. During his two-night run here, the sonic […]

  • Earle Brown, 1926–2002

    The last generation of famous modernists was born in the 1920s, and they seem to be passing away before our eyes. Earle Brown, one of the last figures who created the American musical revolution of the 1960s, died on July 2. (In a curious coincidence, he died the same day as jazz bassist Ray Brown, […]

  • Roots in Outer Space

    The conceptualist avant-garde from the 1960s was the outer space of music, a music as far removed from inhabited regions of sonic thought as its creators could manage. It’s hard to imagine that music as anybody’s “roots,” as though John Cage and his cohorts were involved in some quaint ethnic tradition. And yet Sonic Youth […]