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  • Stasi Cinema

    The Lives of Others has a superbly alienated title and a quintessentially 20th-century premise. Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s first feature is set back in the days when the Berlin Wall seemed the immovable center of the geopolitical universe. It’s 1984: Orwell is really happening! The model Stalinist police state, called the German Democratic Republic, has […]

  • Chips Off the Old Bloc

    It’s unclear whether Christa Wolf, the former-DDR writer who’s been railing against shifting German governments for 45 years, and Dorota Maslowska, whose first novel (completed at age 19) caused European critics to anoint her the savior of Poland’s literary scene, would consider themselves compatriots. But in novels released in translation in the U.S. this year, […]