Tag: Cher (Entertainer)

  • Zookeeper

    Kevin James is a pratfalling jackass coached by talking animals in the ways of love in Zookeeper, a comedy whose cliché-embracing stupidity borders on the surrealistic. Marrying the kiddie fantasy of Dr. Dolittle with the man-child goofiness of producer Adam Sandler’s oeuvre, Frank Coraci’s drab-looking film charts Boston zoo warden Griffin’s (James) efforts to woo […]

  • Bruce Vilanch on Who Will Host Next Year’s Oscars

    Ever since last year, when an LCD Soundsystem song blared that I’m “no Bruce Vilanch,” I’ve been desperate to be the comic/writerβ€”or at least to get him on the phone again. Miraculously, that happened just the other day, when Bruce and I got a chance to discuss his writing duties for the Oscars, among other […]


    Started in a garage in San Francisco in 2005, the cheekily named dance troupe MGM Grand (which stands for “Modern Garage Movement”) typically shy away from traditional venues, opting to bring their show to shops, schools, movie theaters, even valleys and streams. However, for the U.S. premiere of their new work NUT, they’ll be taking it […]

  • Hellogoodbye

    Non-emo peeps may remember these SoCal dudes from their wonderful 2006 semi-hit “Here (In Your Arms),” which proved that even emo peeps love Cher’s “Believe.” Last year, Hellogoodbye finally got around to releasing their second studio disc, Would It Kill You? The answer is definitely “no”–but it won’t make you forget “Here,” either. With Gold […]


    Are you sure your friend really destroyed that home video you made when you were 12? If not, it could end up in the wrong hands—that is, those of comedians Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett of the Found Footage Festival, who scour garage sales, thrift stores, warehouses, and dumpsters around the country for the most […]

  • ‘Addams Family’ Star: This Show Has Been Shat Upon!

    Broadway funny lady Jackie Hoffman is furious about the eight months of obsessive critical abuse that has been flung at The Addams Family, in which she plays salty, weed-smoking, burnt-out Grandma. But she also seems a little pissed at the musical itself. In fact, Jackie is just mad at life, which has always been her […]

  • Christina Aguilera Stripped of Her Assets in Burlesque

    “She doesn’t sing that way because she’s had it easy.” This is how Tess (Cher), the long-suffering owner of the nightclub at the center of Burlesque, defends her new star, Ali (Christina Aguilera), to the club’s jealous, deposed marquee attraction, Nikki (Kristen Bell). The same phrase could substitute as a marketing mission statement for Aguilera […]


    Burlesque stars Christina Aguilera and Cher, and the gays still aren’t satisfied? Clearly, the only thing missing from the new film is dick. That’s why Mimi Imfurst headlines a cast of drag-theater stars to mount Boylesque, a parody of the film before it even comes out. The action is moved from a glamorous nightclub in […]

  • Blind Items About Abortions And Trannie Chasers!

    What star of that cop show used to practically live at Edelweiss, the West 43rd Street bar where trannies strutted around and sold their wares? Which handsome movie star whom a lot of people suspect is gay truly is, and he likes to get tinkled on, by the way? Which director got away with murder […]

  • Water Sports Come to Broadway!

    ‘Will the gays travel all the way uptown to Lips’ new East 56th Street location?” was the familiar chant when the drag restaurant moved there about a month ago. But it turned out to be a moot point since the crowd mostly consists of teen girls eating birthday cake through their braces and bachelorettes celebrating […]