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  • N.Y. Politicians on Zimmerman Verdict: We’re Pissed, Too

    On Saturday, a Florida jury shocked the nation by acquitting George Zimmerman of all charges in the shooting death teenager Trayvon Martin. In New York City, politicians and candidates for office made sure voters heard their opinions of the verdict loud and clear. Mayor Bloomberg used the occasion to criticize Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, […]

  • Congressman Charlie Rangel Gets a Rival

    “I don’t have any opponents,” Congressman Charlie Rangel told a New York Times reporter earlier this month. “There is no one that doesn’t like me—no one.” Charlie may have spoken too soon. Craig Schley, an activist and former male model, found 5,580 people in the last month who want Rangel out of office and were […]

  • Libertad? Maybe

    On September 23, 1868, a gutsy band of Puerto Rican nationalists launched a revolt against their Spanish rulers. The uprising failed within 24 hours. On September 23, 2005, FBI agents shot and killed a fugitive Puerto Rican independence leader. Now New York’s independista community is hoping that anger over that death ends Puerto Rico’s 100-plus […]

  • Castro’s Black Prisoner

    Congressman Charles Rangel—a frequent, forthright defender of civil liberties on national television—has long been a paladin of black political and human rights in this country. He also worked to help remove South Africa’s apartheid government, and he has been arrested at the Sudanese embassy in Washington for protesting the continuing genocide in Darfur. Because of […]

  • Colin Powell’s Acute Sense of Hearing Picks Up Plea for Help

    After Secretary of State Colin Powell said it was “nonsense” to think that the U.S. had forced Aristide out of Haiti, Congressman Charles Rangel retorted, according to tompaine.com: “Both Senator [Tom] Harkin and I were in constant communication with Secretary Powell by phone, and this information about Aristide asking to leave the country or that […]

  • Ready, Aim, Fired!

    At least four Democratic presidential candidates would deep-six Donald Rumsfeld. Last week Kucinich introduced a resolution in the House asking for Rumstud’s removal, on grounds that “the chief architect and custodian of the invasion and occupation of Iraq must be held accountable for the conduct of the war and occupation.” Asked by CNN whether Rummy […]

  • Pataki’s Man in Harlem

    A stroll along 125th Street from St. Nicholas Avenue to Lexington Avenue is an odyssey revealing radical changes from a decade ago, when the so-called Gang of Four—former mayor David Dinkins, Congressman Charles Rangel, businessman Percy Sutton, and former New York secretary of state Basil Patterson—were the most powerful politicians in Harlem. A new generation […]

  • The Media’s Mayoral Myths

    In his closing statement at last week’s mayoral debate, Peter Vallone, the council speaker whose Post, News, Crain’s, and Citizen Union endorsements have suddenly made him a plausible primary winner, claimed firsthand knowledge about the problem of affordable housing in the city. ‘I know what it’s like not to have affordable housing because i have […]

  • What Black Vote?

    The image of befuddled African Americans, standing in front of polling booths, handicapping the rat race to Gracie mansion, is deceiving. While the race illustrates a growing divide in the black community about how to best maintain influence, this electorate, some might argue, is not confused—it is rebellious. It has thrown out politics as usual […]

  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    I’ll make sure you don’t have a crackhead brother like Clinton. . . . I’ve been ruthless, Alfred. —From a letter to Al Sharpton from his brother, Kenny Glasgow When Al Sharpton walks out of federal prison on August 17, anxious politicians like Charlie Rangel—who is slated to endorse Fernando Ferrer for mayor the same […]