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  • Cesar’s Last Fast is Rich with Detail and Exclusive Footage of the Late Labor Organizer

    Equally lionizing but richer in detail than the recent Michael Peña-led biopic César Chávez, this occasionally stirring doc portrait of the late Latino labor organizer and civil rights icon frames his legacy around a single act of protest. In 1988, the 61-year-old Chávez undertook a water-only fast that lasted 36 days, serving as both a […]

  • Yes We Can! (Make Better Biopics Than Cesar Chavez)

    The Chicano labor leader César Chávez can now join Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela in the pantheon of heroes whose world-altering achievements are dutifully recounted in timid, lifeless films any substitute can pop into the school DVD player when the regular history teacher is out with the flu. With César Chávez, Mexican director Diego Luna, […]


    This summer, as part of artist Mark Tribe’s Port Huron Project, performers across the country have been re-enacting the radical speeches delivered by legendary activists of the ’60s and ’70s in the same places they were heard nearly 40 years ago. For instance, in Los Angeles, it appeared that César Chávez had come back from […]