Tag: Celtic Frost

  • Goatwhore+Abigail Williams

    Just as entertaining as you’d expect a band called Goatwhore to be, the members of the New Orleans extreme-metal squad wear studded leather gauntlets, bullet belts, and practically anything else that’s as threatening and black as they claim to feel inside. Despite their campy look, their take on death metal pays tribute to ’80s scene […]

  • Celtic Frost Breaks Up

    They’ve got iceboxes where their hearts used to be When Tom Gabriel Fischer reunited his massively influential Swiss sludge-metal band Celtic Frost a few years back, he did something unthinkable: he released an album that might be better than anything his band did during its first iteration. The pre-breakup history of Celtic Frost, as detailed […]

  • The Weight

    The word epic comes up often when discussing Oakland metalheads High on Fire, referencing both the guitar riffs pounding you into submission and—like their foremost influence, Celtic Frost—an esoteric literary influence that avoids venturing into Mastodon territory. And though, by the time you’ve plowed through enough of Death Is This Communion to reach singer-guitarist Matt […]

  • Hip-Hop’s New No Wave

    Downtown life in this city is a shell game: three-card cultural monte for those with the stamina to keep up and cultivate a lifestyle so profane and irrational no one else wants any part of it. And the city plays along, reserving a forever shrinking piece on the lower-right half of Manhattan for the riffraff […]